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Saturday November 21 , 2015

Victory In The Supreme Court

We can ALL sigh with huge relief at the decision by the Supreme Court of Canada that Alberta & Saskatchewan do NOT have to rewrite ALL their laws into French. For the 1st time in many, many years, I have to applaud the 6 judges who decided against the 2 guys who were just trying to get away from paying a $50 traffic ticket but cost the tax-payers millions in the attempt to do so. Of course we know that this was encouraged by the French zealots who were determined to force bilingualism on Alberta & Saskatchewan and on all the provinces outside Quebec and New Brunswick.  The Francophones and Francophiles have been desperate, since the 1982 Constitution, to impose Official Bilingualism on all of Canada and the driving force is so that French can have the power that comes from having minority language rights imposed on the majority language group, thus handicapping the latter group in the Halls of Power.  We have seen very clearly that the federal public service is overwhelmingly in the hands of Francophones (over 60%); dominating the private sector is next on the agenda. 

I have been watching the cases of Gilles Caron & Pierre Boutet, collecting every article I can as these two force their cases through the courts and most of the articles have said they have NO case.  However, the strong French organizations (funded very generously by the beleaguered tax-payers) have been pushing these two complainants, giving them moral and legal support and with nothing to lose, they have just carried on!!!  Mark Milke (Fraser Institute) wrote in an article in 2011:

In early February, the Supreme Court of Canada said the province must hand $120,000 to Caron and his litigator, this to fight the case through the court system. Canada’s top court argued that the question of whether a province must provide French translation is too important not to proceed due to a lack of funds.

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Another columnist, Darcy Henton in the Calgary Herald wrote:

Justice Slatter, who wrote his own decision but concurred with Justices Clifton O’Brien and Patricia Rowbotham on dismissing the appeals, said the argument put forward on behalf of the two French-speaking motorists is premised on the assumption language rights set out in 1869 “had somehow been forgotten within one generation.”

“Their further argument is that somehow those forgotten rights were not rediscovered for over a century,” he stated. “All of that is inconsistent with the record.”

Rowbotham stated both the Canadian and British Parliament “knew full well how to entrench language rights, yet neither elected to do so in any constitutional document relating to what is now Alberta.”

The quote can be read at this link.


The BNA Act of 1867 has never been rescinded and is still valid.  The 1982 Constitution Act (repatriated by P.E. Trudeau) does not negate the 1867 Constitution Act - all it did was make certain changes that has created a socialist state in Canada with policies such as the Equalization Payments to redistribute wealth and the Official Languages Act to elevate the status of the French-speaking minority.  Remember, the OLA is only valid at the federal level.  The provinces retained their right to write their own language policies;  Quebec used the Notwithstanding clause to create a French-only province and New Brunswick foolishly allowed their premier Louis Robichaud to adopt the OLA in 1969.  Now that Alberta & Saskatchewan have thrown off the monkey on their backs, let's look at Ontario!!!  The French elite are pushing for Official Bilingual status for Ottawa by 2017 and for OB status for Ontario by 2025.  Ask me how you can help stop this.

Those Canadians who have given up the fight because it is "too difficult" must wake up pretty soon because time is running short.  In the history of this country, as in the history of many Western countries, we have allowed the Liberal mindset to turn us into complacent citizens - more and more dependent on the welfare state to lull us to sleep.  If you have given up the battle, maybe you'd like to contact me for a very entertaining and cynical analysis of what we have done to ourselves.

Please don't give up the fight for justice for English-speaking Canadians - don't allow a linguistic minority to be your masters & mistresses just because it is easier not to be bothered.


Supreme Court rules Albertans have no right to traffic tickets written in French Case has been winding its way through court system for a decade

Don't think for one moment that this means they have given up!!!  With a very pro-French Prime Minister, PM Trudeau Jr. in charge who will only be too happy to open the Treasury to empower the French in Quebec & across the whole country, we KNOW they won't stop!!  Only we, with our pitchforks and shovels, can stop their guns and canons - we may not succeed but we will stop their progress as they march relentlessly towards their goal of French dominance.

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