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Tuesday September 29, 2015

Election News

Before I launch into more information about the upcoming election, I would like to send a message to the attendees of our St. Patrick's Day brunch (March 14th, 2015) when Prof. John Robson presented the Magna Carta project.  As an attendee at this brunch, your name is entitled to be included in the list of people credited for the success of this project.  If you wish to be included in the next output of the documentary, please send your name to me and I'll forward it to Brigette Pellerin for inclusion.

John & Brigette have agreed to consider launching a new project in the spring of 2016 - a documentary on why we have to rewrite our 1982 Constitution.  We keep blaming the CPC for not doing anything to help the English-speakers of Canada because many of us are of the opinion that it is very easy for the government to just change the OLA or the Charter or anything in the Constitution.  NOT SO!!!  Our "first past the post" electoral system is very complicated.  For those who are not aware of what I mean, let me invite you to read Howard Galganov's latest editorial.

President (CLF)

P.S. Message from Eric - Kim, it may be a good public service to remind people about voting this year.  With the recent addition of more seats and a redistribution of electoral districts, people should confirm where they are voting before election day.

My voter card arrived in the mail today, and because of the reorganization, I need to go 7 kilometers to vote, instead of the usual half kilometer.   Please check to make sure you get your voter card and know exactly where to vote.  Early voting days - October 9 to 12.


Green Party supporters - please take note.  What is Elizabeth May up to?

GUELPH - The leader of the Green Party of Canada, Elizabeth May, intends to make gains in the next election and to support francophones in their various claims, including the issue of bilingual designation for the City of Ottawa.


"The Green Party supports the decision to make Ottawa a truly bilingual city by law. It is clear that in everyday life, it really is a bilingual city. We hear much French. But with protection by law, it will be even stronger, "said Ms. May on the occasion of an interview with #ONfr.

The federal government should, however, bear some of the expenses associated with thebilingual designation of the federal capital, she said.

The Green Party leader refuses to lecture against the Mayor of the City of Ottawa, which showed fiercely he opposed the bilingual designation of the municipality. "I do not want to comment against the mayor. He is a longtime friend. But with the support of the federal government, the designation is reasonable and what is the right thing to do, "she insists.


Bob H.'s response:

Attention:    Ms. Elizabeth May, Leader, Green Party, MP, Saanich - Gulf Islands

Dear Ms. May, It has come to my attention that, during an interview on TFO, you made the statement "The Green Party supports the decision to make Ottawa a truly bilingual city by law.".  The interview goes on to indicate that your party intends to make gains in the coming election and to support francophones in their various claims, including the issue of official bilingual (OB) designation for the City of Ottawa.

In my opinion, by backing "francophones in their various claims", you and your party are promoting division along language lines rather than unity. We have had practical bilingualism in Ottawa for over a decade. Francophones can and do receive services from the city in French. It is fair and cost effective.

However, if Ottawa was ever made officially bilingual in the style of the federal government, this would change dramatically.  Costs would skyrocket significantly.  Many jobs with the city (and even with private businesses which deal with the city) would be declared bilingual imperative and thus deprive the majority of Ottawa's citizens work in their own area resulting in an exodus of born and raised Ottawa citizens to find work elsewhere and an influx of Quebecers taking our jobs.

The city is already struggling this year with a $41 million projected deficit and a further $10 million deficit for OCTranspo. Adding more 10's of millions to the city's costs resulting from an official bilingual designation is simply wrong.

I note that your constituency of Saanich - Gulf Islands is in BC, about as far away from Ottawa as you can get in Canada, and that your campaign office in Sidney is just down the road from Victoria. Stop and think how you would react to someone who is a party leader, who is pandering for votes from a specific voter block on a Victoria specific local issue which is divisive and costly, and who is from the other side of the country - i.e. let's support making Victoria officially bilingual. I bet you would not be too happy and would be against it.

As a business and residential owner in Ottawa who already pays more than enough property taxes, I respectfully request that you and your Green Party stay out of this contentious and divisive issue. You do not live here year round and do not pay property taxes in our city so please stay out of our local issues in Ottawa.  Please stop meddling in things that you have no idea about.

Yours sincerely,

Robert H


Bob is hoping that other readers of our mail who are considering supporting the Green Party will write to Elizabeth May and let her know that this is not going to work in her favour.  Her BC voters will not be pleased with her for supporting such a policy and Green Party supporters in the Ontario area who are suffering from the discrimination of the Official Languages Act will definitely not be impressed.

President (CLF)


Question of the niqab

The next topic is the one that was raised in the last message i.e. the question of the niqab!!!  At the last debate, held in French, on Sept. 24th, between the leaders of the 5 political parties (CPC, LIB, NDP, Green & BQ), the niqab question was the most contentious.  Mulcair lost 17 points in Quebec because of his views on this topic. Not all Muslim groups agree with the niqab.

"The Koran exhorts Muslims toward modesty, which can be expressed in a number of different ways and it doesn’t have to be that you have to cover your face or you have to wear a virtual tent wherever you go. This is not a requirement of Islam or the Koran. We are saying this practice has become a political issue promoted by extremists and to counter this trend we are asking for a ban on the burka".

Farzana Hassan, of the Muslim Canadian Congress

An appeal to Muslim women: Reject the niqab

"A bright and prosperous future for Muslims in Canada can best be ensured when we are seen as fully integrated into the fabric of Canadian society. That doesn't mean giving up any part of our faith, which is constitutionally guaranteed by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

But it does mean that Islam must not be used as a tool to score political points for the Islamist agenda."

Tarel Fatah


How valuable is the Canadian Citizenship?

Canada revokes citizenship of Toronto 18 ringleader using new anti-terror law

Rex Murphy: The case for revoking the citizenship of Canadian terrorists


The Refugee problem

Did Mulcair tell the truth when he said that the UN had asked Canada to accept 9000 refugees by Christmas?


Here's Keith B. with his Video

Justin Trudeau: "We have been crystal clear...In Canada we protect minority rights"

He went on to say...

"In any situation where "the government --- chooses to limit rights or freedoms it has to clearly explain why."

Hummm, it would seem that Justin Trudeau is living in a fantasy world where he cannot recognize (or refuses to recognize) that the rights and freedoms of the English speaking Canadians living in the province of Quebec are severely diminished all the time.

Using his own brand of "logic", I guess the idea that the French powers in the province of Quebec have "explained why" by saying they are protecting their language and culture from being assimilated and that means that it's perfectly OK for them to diminish the rights of English Canadians in a province that happens to STILL BE IN CANADA.

And thus, it's perfectly OK to trample on and limit the rights and freedoms of the English speaking Canadians living there?


Yikes, it's no wonder he wants to legalize pot.  Perhaps it's because he's smoking a lot of it himself.


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