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Christmas Afternoon - November 13, 2016

Dear Friends:

This is to let you know that our Christmas event this year will be held on November 13th at the Kars Recreation Association Hall, 1604 Old Wellington Street, Kars, Ontario K0A2E0.

Directions from Ottawa - Take exit 49 (Roger Stevens Dr) off the 416, turn left to go over the highway. In 2.5KM there is a flashing red light, turn right on Rideau Valley Dr. Go 1 km to Old Wellington on your right, then turn right.

People who would like to be picked up, please inform us ASAP so that we can arrange this.  Anyone having financial difficulty attending this event, please let us know so that we can find sponsors for you to come.

Prof. John Robson will be presenting his film documentary, "Fix the 1982 Constitution" - here is a short introduction to the documentary:

The charge will be $20 and included in that is a copy of the DVD of the above documentary that you can send to your friends to let them know that our problems in this country started with the very flawed 1982 constitution.  If you want a copy of the DVD but cannot attend, please send $15.00 to cover mailing charges.  Any couple coming needs to only pay $35.00 to attend but will only be entitled to one DVD.

Prof. John Robson will answer any questions on his film documentary.

Nick Vandergragt will join us, along with his wife, Alison Vandergragt.  We will also be pleased to welcome Jurgen Vollrath to talk about his radio show.

Afternoon tea & coffee will be served along with yummy snacks.

Kim McConnell

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