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CCF View On NB Busing

Tuesday February 23, 2016

Here is an excellent article commenting on the NB busing fiasco.  Along with your report that the case is getting a lot of attention, this will help to generate even more.  Circulate it far and wide to everybody in NB - the 1982 Constitution is bad enough without it being used to create segregation - a social policy that is so shameful that it has been considered a nation-killing policy in places in S. Africa.

Someone sent me an excellent letter and I will include that at the bottom for your reading pleasure - so nice to see English-speakers fighting back!!!

President (CLF)


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Letter Received By A Reader Of CLF Mail:

This is a letter I directed to Ms d’Entremont’s office however it’s open to the public: I sent a copy to Premier Gallant's Office as well.

Taken directly from your website, it clearly states that your position is as follows:

“You are responsible for the promotion of the advancement of BOTH OFFICIAL languages in the province”

I took the time to read through your 2014/2015 annual report, not only once but twice, and found NO, NONE, ZIPPO, ZERO indications of any actions undertaken by you or your department to promote the English Language in the French areas of the province.

Firstly, you indicate there have been economic spinoffs of bilingualism that benefit unilingual and bilingual people alike, as well indicate that companies have come to the province for its bilingual workforce thus creating two unilingual jobs for each bilingual position.   Please define what types of jobs have been created for unilingual English, how many jobs have been created and at what level of pay are these positions? Please provide your facts to back up your statement.

My question to you is how many new companies have started a business in N.B. due to your policies/actions and how many jobs have been created?  Please provide your researched facts to back up your statement. If there has been so much job creation in this province tell me why New Brunswick’s unemployment rate is in the double digits and getting worse every year?  Also, explain why the population numbers in the province continue to decline every year and New Brunswick remains in economic stagnation.

I would also like to know how many civil service employees are migrants from Quebec and how many are actually from New Brunswick?  If they are from New Brunswick please indicate what areas of New Brunswick they are from.

Also, please provide the numbers of New Brunswicker’s, regardless of language that have been forced to leave the province to seek gainful employment within the rest of Canada over the past 5 years. 

Your report also indicates that bilingualism has also helped to develop stronger trade relations and more significant investments with Quebec and Francophone countries. Your annual report neglects to disclose what you have done, or are doing to establish “trade” relations with the other Canadian provinces and other English speaking countries.  Having said that, what exactly has been done by your office to promote those trade relations?  Please provide your facts, dates and what, if any, have been the outcomes.

It appears to me the only individual’s that are complaining about the language issues within the province are the members of Parliment, many of whom are French speaking migrants from Quebec.

Next is a direct quote taken from your annual report:

“Taking advantage of our two official languages requires thinking and acting differently”.

You and every other politician in this province should read this quote out loud a thousand times.

As it stands you and this government are engendering nothing more than suspicion, intolerance and hostility between the French and English in this province that never existed before.  This has come at an astronomical cost to all taxpayer’s of the province that is no longer sustainable.

There isn’t much wonder why this province is in economic stagnation with home values decreasing every year and taxes continuing to rise.  These circumstances do not promote the immigration of anyone, regardless of spoken language to this province.

It’s time you, your department and every other politician stop the familiar dogmas that are fragmenting this province and assent to create ways to unify the province and facilitate economic development and get this province back to the wonderful province it once was.

As Commissioner of Official Languages it is your duty to act on behalf of “ALL” New Brunswickers and ensure that everyone is respected and any of their concerns are addressed promptly without bias, regardless of their linguistic background.

Do your job, or expect to be dismissed by the people of New Brunswick.  Don’t forget, we are your employer who provides your salary.

K. B.




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