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The OLA is a failure - Randall Denley

Wednesday February 24, 2016

Graham Fraser's Rebutall To Randall Denley

I'll bet that when the Commissioner of Official Languages, Graham Fraser, decided to write a response to Randall Denley's excellent article on the failure of the Official Languages Act, he didn't think that he would get so many negative responses from Canadian citizens. Well, he did, and it is really encouraging to read so many people calling him a liar when he wrote, "bilingualism is not now and never has been a primary criterion for hiring and advancement. It is not a criterion at all for hiring". Huh? What?

Yes he actually wrote that for the whole world to read and he really must have thought that Canadians are either very blind or very stupid!!! Read it for yourself and then read the comments following the rebuttal - I have never felt so proud of those Canadians and their ability to cut through the crap that Fraser has been spewing ever since he was appointed to his position.

If you're not able to access the comments, contact me because I've captured them for posterity. We have lived under this policy for too long - it is time for Canadians to shake off their shackles and scream for Freedom!! Freedom from struggling to keep the discrimination against the English-speaking majority going, freedom from struggling to deny that the English-speakers of Canada have rights as the majority to be in the Halls of Power without first having to jump over the hurdles of language training, language testing and all the hard work of mastering a minority language heard mostly in Eastern Canada. Time to say - ENOUGH!!!

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I had circulated a message about the absurdity of segregated busing in New Brunswick - if you missed it, let me know and I'll resend it. Orlin, a kindred spirit from Manitoba, sent his comments and I'd like to share it with you:

Greetings Kim:

New Brunswick is a perfect example of the stupidity and failure of official bilingualism. It is clearly an unworkable practice that only exacerbates the problem of trying to create a fair system to accommodate dual languages, culture and how to pay for it all.

I hate to think of where Canada will be at when Trudeau is finished plundering it. Canada has spent far too much time and resources agonizing over language and cultural issues. As a nation we need to deal with other more needful matters or be left in the dust by more enterprising peoples. As you have pointed out, we must somehow reopen the constitution and make the required changes, or perhaps even reconfederate into a new nation of common sense and enterprise. Leaving the fools and their silly socialist economic philosophies, political correctness and linguistic idiocy behind.

I doubt if Canada can ever be a fully functional nation as long as Quebec remains part of it, and is allowed to continually call the shots. The more Canada panders to Quebec the worse things will become. We need a real democracy where the nations people can vote in the law makers who will really represent them rather than special interests.

We do not owe the rest of the world a living and should not be interfering in their affairs or let them interfere in ours. We cant keep selling off our resources and birthright to others. No one should have the right to do that, neither a government or corporation. Multinational corporations do not always represent the best interests of Canadians, but because they can buy politicians they control our destiny.

Politicians must only answer to those who elect them. It should be a duty and an honour to serve your country, and no one should be able to make a lifetime career out of politics. Fixed terms for elected officials and no gold plated pensions is what we need. Democracy has gone off the rails in western countries. Nations must make changes or face anarchy and dictatorship. This is one reason why people are embracing Donald Trump in the U.S.. He may be off the wall on some issues, but he hopefully represents change. This is what people want in government, not just some talking head owned by others, promising more of the same band aid solutions.



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