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Sunday February 14, 2016

Big Spenders - Quebec & Ontario

Following the article I circulated by Andrew Coyne on Quebec's request of $1.3B bail-out for Bombardier from the Feds, Murray Levine from Montreal sent me a copy of his letter about the extravagance in Quebec; a total of $105M for their 375th Anniversary, $39.5M on which will be just to light up Jacques Cartier Bridge!!!!  Whoo-ooh, Quebec must think that Canada is rich!!!

The link above is from the Canadian Taxpayers Federation and it's good to keep it handy just in case you don't know how much debt we're carrying, as a country & as individual citizens of Canada.

Montreal to Spend $105M On their 375th Anniversary While Toronto Only Spent $300K...

Only 1% Of Quebecers Want $40M Spent On Lighting Jacques-Cartier Bridge: poll

Solving Montreal’s Homelessness Problem


Ontario is just as bad - our Premier thinks that money grows on trees and thinks nothing of making the Ontario taxpayer pay more and more for electricity to satisfy her hunger for more green energy.  Will somebody tell her that we're chasing away industry with her high-cost energy and as Alberta & Saskatchewan are running out of money with the low price of oil, who's going to support  the Equalization Payments Policy?


For the most up-to-date information on the Equalization Payments policy

Keith has captured this delightful video of Brigette Pellerin's interview with Sun News


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