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Saturday February 20, 2016

Dual-Busing Goes To Court In NB

Apart from the fact that NB is a province on the brink of bankruptcy and the citizens don't give a damn about the economic health of the province (as long as the Rest of Canada is willing to keep bailing them out), do these French zealots really think that this is the way to save their language from becoming irrelevant?  I've got news for them, the language is already irrelevant & is only being kept alive by the idiocy of the 1982 Constitution.  All we can do is sit back and watch the lawyers fight it out in court, wasting even more money debating the fragility of the dying French language and how to further protect it by segregating the French-speaking children from the English-speaking children so that they don't get contaminated with the English language!  It is hilarious when you think of countries like China where learning English is considered a privilege - they at least understand that shutting yourself off from the rest of the vibrant world community is no way to help your children.

Just in case you want to know just exactly how bad the economic situation is in NB, I've also included an article by Prof. John Robson.

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