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Wednesday February 17, 2016

Randall Denley & The Failed Policy Of Official Bilingualism

I've been waiting for Randall Denley to write an article about the failed policy of Official Bilingualism - here it is at last!!! If you have the energy and the interest, please read the comments and add yours to mine which is already posted. Do NOT get frustrated because you feel that we've lost the battle against this policy and have decided that there is no point in pursuing it further. It is not over yet and now is not the time to quit fighting it - silence will only make it easier for the French zealots to win. Believe me, they haven't won yet. Several weeks ago, I posted a message of hope because the Liberal government had decided not to add their voice to the French groups who are determined to force the City of Ottawa to adopt Official Bilingualism to augment the City of Ottawa's by-law #2001-170 that Bob Chiarelli termed "Practical Bilingualism". Since then, the French have found that this policy does not give them the power and influence that they need because they could not force the city into translating everything into French. They wanted the 2015 budget translated totally into French - the City Council refused because it was too expensive. Of course, to the French activists, money is NO object as long as they can force Canada to preserve their dying language & culture & give the French a bigger place in Canada's Halls of Power.

A recent article written by Denis Gratton complained that the City is not working fast enough to train their senior managers to function in French and was very upset that the City Manager, Steve Kanellakos, is not bilingual. Mr. Gratton is very upset that the City can only afford to send their senior managers to 36 hours of French lessons. We're in the process of finding out if these 36 hours are private lessons because, if so, they come at a very high cost. We're following that issue and will keep you posted.

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