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Inherent selfishness of Quebec

Al Romanchuk of Edmonton wrote an excellent letter to Mayor Denis Coderre because he's so frustrated with Quebec and the selfishness if that province. He said everything necessary - especially about the intransigence of Quebec (how they only know how to take, never to give), portraying the classic selfishness of a group of people whose tribal instincts have been instilled over generations. The Equalization Payments policy was inserted into P.E. Trudeau's 1982 Constitution as a socialist "wealth redistribution" plan which has worked exceedingly well and has allowed the Quebecers to adopt the policy of "having their cake and eating it". They know that as long as they can get the Most of Canada to continue funding their way of life, they've got nothing to lose.

The famous "French pride" is a sham - they will do anything, say anything, put up with anything as long as they can continue to cheat Canada into giving them everything while they give up nothing!!! I am sorry to include those in Quebec who are not part of the French tribe - not ALL Quebecers deserve to be labelled as "takers", not "makers" but that's just too bad.

The only solution is for Canada to divest itself of Quebec as that province will NEVER leave voluntarily - why would they? Having someone else pay for their goodies is the primary principle of socialism & until Canadians understand that, we are lumbered with Quebec!!!

Sorry, Al, but that's the way it is.

Kim McConnell

p.s. Denis Coderre's email:


From: Al Romanchuk

Sent: January 22, 2016 12:29 AM

Cc: Justin Trudeau; Rachel Notley; Brad Wall; Brian (WRP leader) Jean

Subject: Montreal Mayor refuses pipeline through Montreal to east coast

Good evening,

When I logged onto the City of Montreal website I wanted to email Denis Coderre but there was no email address for him on the site. So I thought that I would email all of you in the hopes that one of you can forward this email to Monsieur Coderre. The following is what I would like sent to him and you can retain the email for your file and respond if you so desire. Thank you.

Monsieur Coderre:

Please excuse my French but I will try to introduce myself in your language. Mon nom est ALEXANDER S. ROMANCHUK, je reside en Edmonton, je suis CANADIAN not a hyphenated Canadian. I was born, raised and bred in Alberta and I am almost 80 years of age. So Ive been around the block several times! I graduated in law from the U of S in 1963 and practiced in Alberta and BC before retiring in 1999. I have been active politically since the age of 12 and my best subject in public school and university was Canadian history. I was alderman (1967-69) and Mayor (1977-80) of Grande Prairie, Alberta.

You have chosen to disallow Alberta crude to flow through Montreal (and thus Quebec) to the east coast citing environmental concerns and telling Canadians from coast to coast that the pipeline, a Canadian enterprise which would create thousands of jobs, was just too risky. Many years ago I came to the conclusion that your province, and the people in it, are definitely different, distinct and unique and I am now fortified in not only that belief but that it would be best for the rest of Canada if you would LEAD the charge and apply for SEPARATION AND INDEPENDENCE from the rest of Canada.

Since 1759 Quebecers were allowed to retain their culture, religion, language and Napoleonic laws. In the 20th century your province has managed to obtain absolute rights over immigration into your province, your own taxation system and pension plan, Quebec Provincial Police and your people have benefited immensely from the EQUALIZATION payments made to your province for decades. As a matter of fact it was Madame Marois who stated, when she was Premier, that there was absolutely no need for Quebec to exploit and develop its vast natural resources as long as the transfer payments kept coming to la belle province. In 2015-16 I understand that your province will be entitled to receive about $10 billion in such payments which, I understand, total about $18 billion. As you know, sir, all of these monies have been funneled from Alberta and Saskatchewan to your province with all the attendant benefits. But when our businessmen approached you for your approval to allow a pipeline to be built through Montreal you indicated that such approval was NOT forthcoming and your opposition to it was made public. I am also given to understand that half of the population of Quebec resides in the greater Montreal area, but there is no indication in the MSM or social media that you have obtained any authority from the people on this important business transaction. I believe Trans Canada Pipelines has already made all kinds of written submissions to you, the Premier and the federal government of the additional benefits that would accrue to your province IF you were to approve the construction of the pipeline. Your opposition to the pipeline is simply another divisive factor destroying the unity of this nation which has been on the road to disunity for decades.

In view of the foregoing it seems to me that Quebec would be BETTER OFF if it separated and formed an independent nation. You can have your own criminal law and justice system and print your own currency. You and your compatriots would then be free to exploit and develop your natural resources for the benefit of all Quebecers. Westerners would NO longer have to pay equalization payments and we could retain billions for the benefit of the peoples of Alberta and Saskatchewan. We are an understanding people and would be only too pleased to negotiate trade relationships with your new nation. You have the ability and the population to commence the process under the provisions of the CLARITY ACT and Im confident that we would assist Quebec in the separation process.

There was a time, sir, when this nation was relatively unified en mer sa ventre mer. We were all proud Canadians and then something happened to stir disunity. I first saw it on Quebec license plates with the words JE ME SOUVIENS. And of course Premier Rene Levesque was at the forefront of most of the divisiveness. I am making this plea to you; please reconsider your decision to oppose the pipeline. Im confident that Trans Canada would be only too pleased to sit down with you and discuss ways and means to MINIMIZE OR EVEN ELIMINATE any environmental damage which might occur in the event of, say, a rupture. You can virtually name all the conditions you require if you would seriously consider the approval of the pipeline.

I thank you for your early reply in advance and wish you, your family and all Quebecers a very happy and healthy new year.




Response from Gerry Porter

January 23, 2016

Sir, I just read your letter to the Mayor of Montreal and, although I might say bravo, I know that, unfortunately, your words are just not going to cut it with Denis Coderre or, for that matter, any other Quebecer of note.

The French understand the Canadian psyche and are utterly indifferent to being belittled, chided, and cursed by a few stalwart Canadians. We are, in their minds, already beaten, and it is just a matter of time until they have virtual control of Canada's the federal political machinery including the federal treasury.

The only Canadians who are deeply concerned about this matter live in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Other than New Brunswick, whose citizens have been unsuccessfully battling Francophones for quite some time, Easterners are essentially outside the discussion. British Columbia is indifferent.

Ontario is multicultural to the core and finds nothing wrong with either an officially unilingual Quebec, or the leech-like behaviour of the 500 thousand Francophones who live here. Whatever Francophone organizations want in the way of services, Ontario gives. Kathleen Wynne, premier of Ontario, is considering demands - by a powerful Francophone in her cabinet - vehicular licence plates with a choice of "Yours to Discover" in either French or English. She also agreed to a Franco-Ontario flag that puts French first and Ontario second.

As of March 2014, Ontario funds 217 French organizations, each dedicated to increasing Ontarios French population - particularly from la francophonie, an entity best known for its collection of dictators, promoting French culture and unilingual services. Cost is never a concern because Canadians contentedly foot the bill. They have demanded, and received, funding for unilingual French schools, school buses, school boards and their own cable TV network.

As for separation, it won't happen. Quebecers realize that Canadians are so gullible that we eagerly pump just over 50% of equalization payments into their coffers - most of which comes from Alberta and Saskatchewan. Quebecers fully understand that, were they to separate, they would slide quickly into bankruptcy.

Denis Codere has absolutely no concerns about the pipeline; he refuses permission out of spite. One must realize that Canadians have enabled Quebecers, descendants of the same, generally inept, French who lost two empires to the British, to achieve political ascendancy in Canada. Quebecers are taking revenge for historical indignities.

Mr. Romanchuk, I am 80 years old and I have worked diligently with my colleagues, regretfully without success, to make the citizens of Ontario aware of what is unfolding here. I have lost all pride I once held for Canada; it is a limp collection of disparate, uncommunicative regions that does not deserve to be called a nation.

If my circumstances were different, I would leave this besotted place forever.

Gerry Porter, Ottawa


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