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To all Petition Signers

We have been trying to get Canadians interested in helping us to stop the French activists from making the City of Ottawa officially bilingual. We have not collected sufficient signatures to attract enough attention so we are sending this letter for you to help us collect more. The French are small in number but they are powerful because they have the support of all politicians and the media (both groups are afraid to challenge the flawed 1982 Constitution). Only the citizens can force them to understand that the French are getting stronger & stronger & Canada cannot continue with this lop-sided situation of control of the majority by a linguistic minority.

In 2001, the provincial government amalgamated Ottawa and 11 surrounding municipalities, including two traditionally French ones, Orleans and Vanier, both located in the eastern part of the city. As a result, the Regional Municipality of Ottawa-Carleton disappeared. In the process of amalgamation, one of the major issues was the status of French in the future city, given that municipalities with a Francophone majority would be merged with majority English-speaking municipalities.

When the government of Ontario announced the creation of the new City of Ottawa, it did not declare it officially bilingual. On May 9, 2001, the City of Ottawa adopted Regulation 2001-170 as well as a policy on bilingualism that recognized both official languages. In 2005, the Legislative Assembly of Ontario adopted Bill 163 amending the City of Ottawa Act, 1999 requiring that it allow for the use of French and English in all or parts of its administration and in the provision of all or some of its municipal services. The City of Ottawa implemented this policy in 2007, though there are a number of notable exceptions.

In November 2012, participants at the Summit of the États généraux de la francophonie d'Ottawa requested that the capital of Canada be designated officially bilingual. The term officially bilingual means that French and English would be the official languages of the City of Ottawa. To this end, both official languages would have equal status at all times with respect to the language of work, municipal administration and services, negotiations, employment, representations, regulations and laws, communication, signage and advertising. In addition, the three levels of government would use all means required to ensure that the private sector in the capital of Canada would, to the greatest extent possible, also operate in both official languages.

The Movement for an Officially Bilingual Capital of Canada is on a mission to accomplish their objective in time for the 150th anniversary of Confederation in 2017. WE HAVE TO STOP THEM!!!

Despite being under a great deal of pressure from the powerful French groups (which include ex-PM Jean Chretien & the Ambassador from France), Mayor Jim Watson & the Ottawa City Council have refused to cave in on grounds that the City is already providing sufficient service in French, where warranted. To totally run the City in two languages would be far too expensive and the City is already unable to handle its financial burden. Carrying a debt load of $1.62 Billion (2015) and a deficit of $41 Million (2015), it would be financially crippling to run the city in both languages. Of course the French activists think that there should be no limit to financing "rights", especially those of the so-called "distinct society". It is our fear that the City Council may not be able to hold up for too long if they see NO interest from the English-speakers of Canada.

In Quebec, the Francophones have taken over completely, leaving the Anglos without much support. For this reason, the Anglophones & the Allophones have fled Quebec, taking with them their business acumen and their wealth, leaving Quebec a province largely dependent on the transfer of $10 Billion from the Equalization Policy (up from $8.5 Billion in 2010).

The Federal government is sending out teams of officials across Canada to persuade Canadians to support the OLA, pretending that this policy is for the good of the country (the question of unity & greater economic prosperity) but NEVER referring to the fact that the country cannot afford this policy which has failed in all respects. Canadians are now more divided than ever before in the country's history. More and more money is being taken away from essential services like the increasing health-care as our population ages & our economic future is very tenuous with the price of oil continuing to decline.

We cannot afford to continue spending on special status for speakers of a minority language!!

The Mission of Canadians for Language Fairness (CLF)

Push for Ottawa to become bilingual 'misguided' says language group

August 19, 2014

A French language rights group's call to make Ottawa officially bilingual is a part of a misguided plan to extend Quebec's sovereignty into eastern Ontario, according to Canadians for Language Fairness spokesperson Beth Trudeau.

On Aug. 13, the National Movement for an Officially Bilingual Capital of Canada's spokesperson, Jacques de Courville Nicol, renewed the 45-year-old call to make Ottawa officially bilingual before the city turns 150 years in 2017, claiming that he had the support of more than 40 federal, provincial and regional associations including the provincial minister for Francophone Affairs and MPP Madeleine Meilleur.

We don't believe that this is a local issue. We believe this is a national issue, Nicol told the Ottawa Citizen. It is the capital of Canada and as such, it has to reflect the existence of English and French Canadians.

That's not the way Trudeau sees it. The Embrun activist, who is bilingual, says that the capital's current bilingual policies are working fine, and that the call for more bilingualism will come at the expense of English services.

This is not about bilingualism, she said. It's about giving preference to French speakers. It's already hard enough to get a job with the government if you only speak English. This would make it impossible. What's worse, is that official bilingualism wouldn't apply to Gatineau. It's about forcing the Anglo community to speak French and not the French community to speak English.

Thirty-five per cent of Ottawans claim French as their mother tongue, but Ottawa mayor Jim Watson had his doubts that official bilingualism would work for a city as large, multicultural and English-speaking, as Ottawa.

According to Trudeau, the federal government spends $2.4 billion annually on bilingual services. Of that, Ontario's share is $623 million. (Comment: These figures actually came from the Fraser Institute report, issued in 2012).


Correction to the above article - "Thirty-five per cent of Ottawans claim French as their mother tongue"

Check this against the link from Stats Canada on the 2011 census:


Ottawa, CV Mother tongue

In Ottawa, 62.4% of the population reported English only as mother tongue, 14.2% reported French only, and 20.4% reported a non-official language only, in 2011. In comparison, the provincial / territorial percentages were 68.2% for English only, 3.9% for French only and 25.7% for only non-official languages.

In 2011, 74.8% of the population spoke only English most often at home, 9.9% spoke only French and 10.5% spoke only a non-official language. In comparison, the provincial / territorial percentages were 79.0% for only English, 2.2% for only French and 14.4% for only a non-official language.


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