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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Quebec Said NON So Canada Is NOT Bilingual

How can one have a "bilingual Canada" when one of it's parts -- QUEBEC -- is NOT bilingual.  It's an IMPOSSIBILITY. One cannot have a pork sandwich if half the meat in the sandwich is beef. Or. One cannot have a white car if half the car is painted green

Unless of course, they don't consider Quebec to be a part of Canada and consider it a country of it's own or a "nation" of it's own

THEN and ONLY then can ANYONE -- sort of "try" to say -- that Canada is a bilingual country but, not even THAT can REALLY BE TRUE in a "REAL" sense when one considers the REAL meaning of words like, "two official languages."

Quebec must remain French, Trudeau tells Le Mood - Canadian Jewish News

“Like my father, I believe in a bilingual Canada, but over the years, after living in Quebec and being an MP…I’ve come to understand… that in order for Canada to be bilingual, Quebec has to be French first and foremost, (he means to say ONLY, French ONLY as it is striving to be now and that doesn’t mean taking away from many or any of the rights of English speakers,”

Of course it does. One cannot take water from the jar and expect the jar to have the same amount of water once some has been taken out. It's all a clever smoke screen.

Trudeau slammed the Parti Québécois’ government’s proposed charter of Quebec values as “dangerous politics… with a tinge of Islamophobia.”

Of course he is slamming the parti Quebecuois.  He's following the same plan as his father.  Make ALL THE REST OF CANADA bilingual and leave Quebec be French ONLY and then ultimately THE FRENCH will never have to speak English ANYWHERE in Canada.

Yes, and the the Lib(French accent on the e)rals will get in on the provincial level and he, (justin) leading the federal lib(French accent on the e)rals will get in on the federal side.

Just wonderful.

Best brush up on your French or YOU CAN FORGET about most jobs in MANY areas of Canada.

Oh and forget about being Prime Minister of YOUR OWN COUNTRY or working your way up to the high ranks in the Canadian armed forces also as an majority Anglophone Canadian

because French is necessary for THAT TOO.


Press Officer (CLF)















“The best way to protect [Quebec culture] is to celebrate and share it, not build up walls… If you build walls, you close yourself off and condemn yourself to disappearance.”


In other words, don't pay attention to the French building walls against the English and meantime don't build any walls up against French i the rest of Canada please.


“I’ve been condemned just because I’m ‘the son of.’ It has given me a thick skin. I’m able to dismiss groundless attacks. But there’s the flip side: am I being told I’m the greatest thing since sliced bread because of who my father was?” he asked.


“Am I getting compliments because I worked my ass off to win the riding [Papineau in 2008], or because my father let them into the country 30 years ago?”


Elias concluded, “If you don’t vote for this party, you need to get your head examined. It’s so refreshing to here a politician who does not speak like a politician.”


Yup, he is gonna win folks.  I have already put money on it.  And that, will be THAT.



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