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Monday, December 23, 2013

Supreme Court Hypocrisy Runs Rampant

Mandatory Victim Surcharge - Ottawa Citizen

If it is cruel and unusual punishment to force criminals to pay $100 or $200 fine; 

then what is it called when someone who has done absolutely nothing wrong other than challenge, in court, if a government is allowed to do something, and ends up being punitively  FINED more than $300 THOUSAND dollars, as in the Galganov/Brisson vs Russell Township bilingual sign bylaw challenge?

Although they broke no law, nor had any victims, they received obscene punitive fines totalling more than $300,000.

Considering the penalty is supposed to be in line with the crime, and considering no crime was committed and no victims left in their wake, how could the Supreme Court of Canada justify their refusal to hear their appeal yet accept to hear case of the Air Canada/Sprite farcical charade of a fluently bilingual couple who were awarded over $12,000 at the lower courts and want more for the indignity of having to use the English language?

Why do the judges have no problem issuing such a grossly punitive fine in that instance, but say they have a problem charging someone $100 who actually was found guilty of breaking Canadian laws? It is actually a pitiful amount in most instances, to compensate the victims of those that were actually charged a put in jail.

Why do Justices’ sympathies lie with real criminals instead of the victims?

Charge the criminals, not those who have the guts to attempt to keep governments in line and honest, which, thanks to courts that have been corrupted and where true justice is rarely found, there are less and less brave souls willing to put themselves out there to fight for Inalienable rights and freedoms that we Canadians are ALL supposed to have protecting us, not just the minority groups. 


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