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Thursday November 20, 2014

Immigration To Be A Tool To Spread French Says Fraser

Now we have Ontario & federal language commissioners asking for a team and mechanisms to help increase Francophone immigration in Ontario and across Canada.

Commissioners Graham Fraser and François Boileau require Ontario to take full advantage of Francophone immigration. They filed Tuesday a joint report calling for the federal and provincial governments to adopt policies and concrete programs in this direction.

Speaking of "imbalance immigration", the Commissioner of Official Languages ​​of Canada and the French Language Services Commissioner of Ontario want their recommendations turn immigration into a development tool for Francophone minority communities, and in all provinces.

Mr. Boileau said that "the Government of Ontario has set a target of 5% for Francophone immigration. To achieve this objective, it is imperative that the federal and provincial governments to take concrete steps to increase Francophone immigration in Ontario. "

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