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Sunday November 16 , 2014

First They Came For...: Martin Niemöller

The story below clearly illustrates how unilingual English speaking Canadians are headed for being the "me" in the above saying ...

After all, who would have foretold -- 30 years ago -- that the English language ---

Charter of the French language

WHEREAS the French language, the distinctive language of a people that is in the majority French-speaking, is the instrument by which that people has articulated its identity;

  1. French is the official language of Québec
    • 45. An employer is prohibited from dismissing, laying off, demoting or transferring a member of his staff for the sole reason that he is exclusively French-speaking or that he has insufficient knowledge of a particular language other than French (Including ENGLISH -- Canada's other so called "official language")  Of course, the French only like to mention that Canada has two official languages when it is convenient for them.

--- would literally be outlawed in the Canadian "PROVINCE" of Quebec?

And, who would have foretold -- 30 years ago -- that the French minority would literally take over the province of New Brunswick to the extent that they are now using the "clout" they have attained within the legal and political systems to  force ALL stores and businesses to not only use "bilingual signs" but to insist that ALL SIGNS MUST BE IN FRENCH FIRST.

And, who would have foretold -- 30 years ago -- that eastern Ontario would be dotted with "federally funded" health care clinics that REFUSE TO SERVE the very English speaking community who's taxes provide more than 90% of the funding.

Folks, if we cannot find a way to wake up the English speaking people of this country real soon I fear it won't be too much longer before those English speaking Canadians are the ones saying, "...there was no one left to speak for me."


Press Officer (CLF)


Petitioning Minister of Education Jody Carr and 2 others

This petition will be delivered to:

Minister of Education

Jody Carr

Premier of New Brunswick

David Alward

Commissioner of Official Languages

Michel Carrier

Stop The Unnecessary Usage Of French On Anglophone School Signs In NB

In New Brunswick, the Anglophone majority are subjected to the french language dominating every aspect of our lives. From unilingual or predominantly french store flyers, unilingual french posters, unilingual french pamphlets, to our children being forced to enroll in french immersion classes within our english school system, we are bombarded with the french culture on a daily basis. There are no schools within the Francophone School District with bilingual signage but somehow, it is now deemed necessary for our english schools to have bilingual signs!

According to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms:16.1 (1) The English linguistic community and the French linguistic community in New Brunswick have equality of status and equal rights and privileges, including the right to "distinct" educational institutions and such distinct cultural institutions as are necessary for the preservation and promotion of those communities.

It is time the Anglophones of NB stand up for their rights and demand that our schools remain OURS!

The seeds for this same French domination are being planted in Alberta now also...


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