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Tuesday September 9 , 2014

This Insanity Has To Stop

Hello all,

Received some sad news which was passed along to me this morning from a member who works tirelessly to keep on top of all of what is going on. Thank you Eric, on behalf of everyone, for your diligence with this.


Press Officer (CLF)


It seems that the majority English speaking tax payers of Canada are ONCE AGAIN on the hook and being forced to continue to subsidize and "support the development" of the French language and culture to unwarranted extremes in this country.

All this while the powers that be from that very culture continue to take advantage of the power they gain from the very "support" they receive from the the majority English speaking Canadians.

Not to mention how they continue to blatantly (in just about every form of public media) refer to the English language with terms such as offensive  and a few English words on a sign as "an insult" to them or, as the leader of one of the MOST POWERFUL public service unions in that province putt's it...

"doing away with bilingualism in the public service" as if she is NOT a Canadian citizen and is living in a "separate country."   The gall... Grrr

The Federal Court held that the CBC has an obligation to support the development of official-language minority communities.

The Commissioner of Official Languages ​​for Canada, Graham Fraser, has all the power to investigate complaints that are addressed to the public broadcaster, especially when CBC decisions have a negative impact on francophones outside Quebec.

Uhmm err, just curious... Did anyone hear Graham Fraser file a report, or spend any media time defending this vulnerable Canadian woman? Didn't think so...

The court rejects the position of the CBC, who claimed that only the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, CRTC, has a say in its programming.

Uhmm errr... Once again the fox at the hen house door. The "skewed P.E.T style rules have been put in place to be sure that bilingualism is a prerequisite for admission to any jobs within the legal system (legal personnel from judges & lawyers on down to paralegal students)

They ALL MUST BE bilingual now a days which in effect "STACKS THE DECK" with those who are more likely to be bilingual --- THE FRENCH --- and we are all aware of how closely nit that culture is when it comes to facing adversity as a group

Not to mention how they terrorize and instil fear in any "their own" who go against them as they condemn them as traitors.

Judicial review of the Commissioner was in response to significant budget cuts that the CBC has imposed on the regional station in Windsor in 2009, before the CRTC does not change its decision to reduce radio programming.

Which, in effect means, any future necessary budget cuts to the CBC will have a MAJOR EFFECT on EVERY OTHER PROGRAMMING because heaven forbid...  we CANNOT let it affect the minority French in this country. In other words... THEY ARE BEING FORCED, in a climate of less money available for many legitimate programs, to (once again) subsidize the minority French OVER ALL OTHERS.

The president of the Federation of Francophone and Acadian Communities, Marie-France Kenny, talks about victory. She argues that the lack of funding is not an excuse to violate the rights of Francophones in minority communities.

Oh no, "not an excuse" to take money from -- propping --  up a community that spares no effort in using those funds to crush the very people and culture that is being forced to prop them up...


It is simply either that they DO NOT GET IT -- DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT IS GOING ON ---


they DO GET IT and they DO understand but are so damn complacent and apathetic that they are COMPLETELY OK with PAYING FOR THEIR OWN DEMISE with ZERO push back as those from the French minority who are pushing them around walk around in the halls of power with a wink and a smile

I am beginning to believe there is  NO HOPE.

Oh and for those who believe this is an ANTI French stance.  I say this.

Sorry, but you are wrong. I must say, being forced to help a group (any group) save their language and culture, only to have the main power base of that group turn around and spit in my face and attempt to control me at every opportunity leaves me with the most deep seated sense of disgust that i cannot even put it into words.

Suffice to say, it also makes me react in a logical way and say, ENOUGH. WE MUST find a way to awaken the majority that is subsidizing all of this -- and STOP this insanity.


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