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18 January 2017

A Local French Paper Closed Its Doors

The only way the French can stay alive is with govt. support.  Now that the country is going broke, they cannot afford to keep these entities alive.  If their own people cannot be bothered to support them, why should the general taxpayers?

OTTAWA - The Voice of Francophones in the Ottawa area is silent. TC Media has decided to disconnect the website of L'Express Ottawa , its new platform for Francophones in the capital.


The first chapter of this announced death was written in autumn 2015 . TC Media had put an end to the printed version of the weekly magazine published for three decades. Since then, the web media was only a pale copy of what it had already been, often content to cover only the news.

"We have indeed made the difficult decision to close the website of L'Express Ottawa in late 2016. We operate in a large processing industry faces many challenges. Regarding the website of L'Express Ottawa , our analysis has shown that media ownership was unfortunately not financially viable ", told #ONfr Katherine Chartrand, director of external communications at TC Media.

The website of L'Express Ottawa no longer exists. When users go to the media URL, they are returned to the La Guebeau newspaper site, another property of TC Media. It is now impossible to consult the archives of the newspaper.

Asked whether her title in Gatineau would continue to cover Franco-Ontarian issues, TC Media indicated that this medium would continue to focus on issues that may be of interest to its Québec readership. "Our editorial team of the newspaper La Revue Gatineau is dedicated to records of this area to serve the readership on the Quebec side. However, if records are current in Ottawa and have a regional impact, so the newspaper The Journal will continue to address these issues, "says Katherine Chartrand.

This new media disappearance does not cause any layoff, according to TC Media. The site was in recent months fueled by journalists working in the newspaper La Revue. However, the company lost its only francophone anchor in Ontario. In English, TC Media no longer has only one title or the Seaway News in Cornwall, following the sale of the Orleans Starlast November.

In 2015, Jacques Blais, vice president of operations for western Quebec and Ontario at TC Media, said his organization would continue to serve the Franco-Ontarian public. "There is a website that is powered and will continue to be. There will continue to be news of the Francophonie in Ontario. There is nothing closed, it goes on, "he said.

Significant Disappointment Among Francophone Actors

The disappearance of a French-language medium outside Quebec still provokes a lot of reactions among Francophones in minority situations. Carol Jolin, President of the Assembly of the Francophonie of Ontario (AFO), is frankly disappointed and says that the effect in the community will be felt.

"It was a link with the community that media. A newspaper is an opportunity to network and learn about minority Francophones. To have a media that disappears from the digital scene, it hurts. There are a lot of people who were looking for information there. For a city like Ottawa is a great loss considering the amount of francophones " - Carol Jolin, President Assembly of Ontario Francophonie

Disappointment shared by the Association of the Francophone Press (APF). "It is always a pity to see that a newspaper or a website that covers the French market disappears. It is an important territory and this medium guaranteed that it would continue to serve it through the web. It is hoped that other media will replace, "said its president, Francis Sonier also editor of the daily L'Acadie Nouvelle .

On the occasion of an interview with #ONfr , he reiterated the importance for the government to take action to save the francophone minority local press. "The federal government is well aware of the situation and the nuances of community newspapers in minority situations. With the withdrawal of large media groups from the small francophone markets, our community media are of paramount importance. They must be helped.Government advertising is an avenue, but we do not expect to see millions of dollars, we are putting more emphasis on helping to develop digital technology and allowing our media to actually make that turn. "

New Media

Several francophone community media are experiencing significant financial difficulties.This is the case of the newspaper L'Eau vive in Saskatchewan, who had to abandon the paper version, before returning recently. Francophone community radio stations are also in a precarious situation.

In contrast, Orléans in eastern Ottawa is getting ready for a new newspaper. This is what will take place Thursday the launch of The Orleans. On a monthly basis, the newspaper will offer a focus on community and artistic news.

Former journalist and resident of Orleans, Fred Sherwin, will be the owner of this newspaper, eager to fill the vacuum of the removal of L'Express Ottawa , formerly ...L'Express d'Orléans .



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