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04 June 2017

Opposition to Madeleine Meilleur as Language Commissoner

There is a lot of opposition to the appointment of Madeleine Meilleur to the position of Commissioner of Official Languages:

Opposition from CPC & NDP

Two articles from the Globe & Mail:

Relevant quotes From the G&M article (June 1, 2017)

"Federal Heritage Minister Mélanie Joly was under pressure from an angry opposition on Thursday to cancel the appointment of Madeleine Meilleur, the Liberal government’s pick for official languages commissioner, after revelations that two of Ms. Joly’s staff members used to work for Ms. Meilleur."

"Both the Tories and the NDP have complained about the partisan Liberal background of Ms. Meilleur, a long-time Ontario MPP who served in a variety of cabinet posts, including attorney-general and minister responsible for francophone affairs. She also donated to the Liberals and to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s leadership campaign."

"Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer said the issue is not Ms. Meilleur’s professional qualifications.

“What is at question is the Prime Minister’s competence. This appointment process has turned into a fiasco wrapped in a dumpster fire,” he said.

“When will the Prime Minister take responsibility, cancel Madame Meilleur’s nomination, and launch a new, non-partisan process?”

"NDP Leader Tom Mulcair also urged Ms. Joly to cancel the appointment."

Opposition from the French Groups (Translation by Google)

Only extracted text are reproduced here, for the full article, link below

"On the other hand, other agencies of the FCFA were more talkative about the content of the meeting. Starting with the Société de l'Acadie du Nouveau-Brunswick (SANB), which is present on Thursday night, and who has denounced for several days the appointment of Madeleine Meilleur deemed partisan.

"There is not a consensus among the different member organizations," says President Kevin Arseneau, in an interview for #ONfr . "There are organizations that want to denounce and others who do not want to get hooked up with the new commissioner ... There is a fear in them of making decisions, which shows that the independence of the organizations is not won."


As for the Association canadienne française de l'Alberta (ACFA), the meeting on Thursday night did not really convince. More than that, it was the scene of many "frustrations," according to the president of the organization, Jean Johnson.

Formalized by Mr. Trudeau on May 15, the appointment of the former Minister for Francophone Affairs of Ontario has yet to be validated by the House of Commons and the Senate.

Two weeks after the announcement, on May 29, the Association of Music and Music Professionals (APCM) welcomed Ms. Meilleur's choice, where the Société de l'Acadie du Nouveau-Brunswick (SANB) And the Association canadienne française de l'Alberta (ACFA) have been much less enthusiastic in recent days.

The organization spokesperson for Quebec anglophones, the Quebec Community Groups Network, also expressed reservations. 

The following are extracts from an article written by Diego Elizondo, a master's student in history at the University of Ottawa.  If you have the time, ask me for the full translated article - it shows very strong opposition from the Acadians.

"Mrs. Meilleur's ambitious ambition led her to shout in all the forums her interest in the position of Commissioner of Official Languages ​​by making the media tour, worthy of a true election campaign!"

"We were told that the Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages ​​was only Plan B for the one who aspired to become a Senator."

"Initially, some hoped that community records would be easily settled with the appointment of Madeleine Meilleur. This is reminiscent of the premature reaction to the election of Michaëlle Jean at the head of the Organization internationale de la francophonie (OIF). The position to be filled here is that of Commissioner of Official Languages, not a Commissioner for Franco-Ontarians"

The hypocrisy of politicians is personified in this woman:

Ontario Attorney General Madeleine Meilleur resigns as MPP Ottawa-Vanier MPP first elected to Ontario legislature in 2003

CBC News Posted: Jun 09, 2016 6:54 PM ET Last Updated: Jun 10, 2016 6:24 AM ET

"This was not an easy decision, but after 25 years I have reached a point in my life where I would like to spend more time with my family and be closer to home. I have always been so proud to represent the people of Ottawa-Vanier, the most caring, diverse, and vibrant community there is," she wrote

Meilleur said in her statement she is resigning to spend more time with her family.

Official Languages Committee federally has also seen some opposition, mainly questioning Madeline's knowledge of English.

Ms Meilleur's language skills

Although Mr. Choquette's first motion was not finally adopted, the Standing Committee on Official Languages ​​has not finished debating the issue.

As soon as his motion was defeated, the hon. Member of the NDP proposed two new motions: one to study Ms. Meilleur's ability to do the work of commissioner, and the other to ask her to provide her language credentials .

"It is our role and duty to properly evaluate Ms. Meilleur's certificate of appointment. I think the Liberals are willing to do a thorough assessment. I hope these motions will be accepted, which will allow us to move forward on our assessment of Ms. Meilleur's competence, "explains Mr. Choquette.

Since the 2013 law of Alexandrine Latendresse, individuals appointed to ten positions as Officers of Parliament, including the Commissioner of Official Languages, must "speak and understand clearly both official languages".

"We did not receive Ms. Meilleur's language credentials, and I think that with this new law of officers of Parliament, we should receive them."

The bill was passed after the controversial appointment of unilingual anglophone Michael Ferguson to the position of Auditor General in 2011, which the Conservatives at the time had defended as the best candidate with all the required skills despite his unilingualism.

Her English language skills are definitely inadequate as shown by Brian Lilley's show on CFRA, on May, 18th.  Her command of the English language would not get her a CBC certificate of competence at the PSC language exam, definitely not good enough for such a powerful position that pays $314,000/yr.   Download the podcast at this link:

Look for the date:  2017-05-18

In Hour 1, a U.S. death caused by a type of energy drink hits close to home for one Ontario resident. Brian speaks to him just after 7:30. But first, should Madeleine Meilleur be even considered for the role of Languages Commissioner?


In Hour 3, Brian takes your calls on any subject! On this night, he took close to a dozen of them, and almost all of them had to do with the issue of bilingualism in Ottawa.

Last word to Ezra Levant at the Rebel:


1.       Justin has not followed proper process of consultation of the Opposition which is required for this very powerful position.

2.       To give her the appointment would be too partisan as she is a committed Liberal supporter.

2.       She has shown ONLY interest for the French minority outside Quebec, NO concern for the minority abused English-speakers in Quebec.

3.       Her 1st choice after resigning her seat as an Ontario MPP was to be a Senator.  It was only after she was refused that she sought to be the Language Commissioner.  This position pays $314,000/yr. & deserves a person more committed to the job.

4.       Her English-language skills are really poor - listen to Brian's recording on CFRA.

5.       Not only is this appointment purely PARTISAN, it is also an example of Liberal NEAPOTISM, according to Ezra..


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