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07 November 2016

Two Words: Automatic Translators

Recently, a tender was issued for Investigative Services by the Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages (OCOL). Apparently there are so many complaints the OCOL claims to require assistance in going after those government departments that still have English visibility. But, are they telling the truth?  

Based on the Analysis of Complaints section of the 2014/2015 report from the Office of Official Languages, there were only 550 complaints total for the year. 

According to Stats Canada, in 2016 there are 164 staff total working in the six (6) OCOL offices with salaries and benefits totaling over $18 MILLION annually.  Based on 550 complaints, that means each staff handles 3.35 cases PER YEAR.

Now they want to set up another source to do what OCOL are receiving over 18 MILLION dollars to do already to handle a mere 550 complaints?  The government would be much wiser and LESS DISCRIMINATORY if they used that same 18 MILLION dollars to instead invest in automatic translators, such as those shown.

At a cost of $200 per device, the government could hand out 90,000 translation devices to government workers and the need to hire based on language instead of merit, would disappear forever.  The ability for any person of any language to assist another person of a different language would be possible.  We DO have the technology.  

There would also be less government workers on stress leave as many suffer such ailments because of the language testing and the continual threat of losing their jobs, and that will result in more savings for taxpayers.  We know this because Canadians for Language Fairness DO listen to Anglophone complaints, unlike the Commissioner of Official Languages, Graham Fraser who refuses to hear complaints from the majority.

The savings to taxpayers by going the technology route instead of the same old discriminatory, unaccountable route are huge in a time when so many are having to choose between heating, eating and paying their hydro bill.


Beth Trudeau

Canadians for Language Fairness


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