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Friday, 9 January 2015

Government Language Coercion

The type of forced unilingual French ONLY control through policies and legislation that we all have seen for decades now within the province of Quebec is spreading to other areas in Canada.

The policies and legislation at the root of this issue which, generally speaking, ONLY benefit the minority French powers that be  must be challenged by the people.

New Brunswick, as well as much of Eastern & central Ontario, are a few poignant examples of this over-reach.

New Brunswick has passed a law called bill z-22.  That law is very similar to the law that preceded bill 101 in the province of Quebec.

That law was called (yes, it's true.  I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP) Bill 22.

It was in effect the law that was the testing ground, (or spring board, if you will) for the now infamous bill 101 which was so repressive against English speaking people in that province that it was challenged several times at the supreme court level.

However, as civil rights lawyer Brent Tyler --- a great leader for this cause --- (who BTW, still has some pending law suites working their way through the courts) will probably tell you, by the time the challenges made their way through the courts, "the damage had already been done" and English rights were just about wiped out in the province of Quebec.

This damage saw an exodus of almost half a million English speaking Canadian citizens from their own homes, in their own Canadian province.

Moving ahead, you see, that there are areas, right now, in New Brunswick Canada where laws have been passed which force businesses to Not Only post bilingual signs (which, would be fine if all things were indeed equal and fair) but these laws state that the business signs must also be posted in French first.

REMEMBER, this is not in the province of Quebec where a "provincial constitution" states that French is the only language because (video) the French powers that be want nothing to do with the Englsh language.

This FRENCH on top or, --- FRENCH first ---  law has been pushed through in the so called, Canadian "bilingual province" of New Brunswick.

I'd like to know who decided that, "bilingualism" in Canada (OUTSIDE the province of Quebec) means French FIRST OR FRENCH on top in the DOMINANT POSITION...

These forced (at majority Anglophone tax payers expense) bilingual and French ONLY policies (NOW SHOWING UP OUTSIDE THE PROVINCE OF QUEBEC) mean that the majority unilingual English PEOPLE in these areas (OUTSIDE THE PROVINCE OF QUEBEC) end up BEING --- NOT QUALIFIED --- for positions in their own government and NOT QUALIFIED for most other jobs in their own communities.

This "unfair situation" then forces the younger generation to simply uproot and move to other places in Canada that DO NOT have these inflated, unfair "knowledge of the French language" hiring policies and unfair unjust laws imposed on the people in those areas --- YET ---

New Brunswick is Approx. 70% English to 30% French but most jobs demand bilingualism

If you are among the MAJORITY unilingual English majority you'd be hard pressed to get a job as a police officer, a fireman, an ambulance attendant or qualifying for any other good paying government position in New Brunswick or many of the eastern and central Ontario areas as well.

This clearly shows that the MAJORITY unilingual English speaking Canadians lose out.

However, if you can speak FRENCH ONLY you would likely have no problem acquiring many of these jobs or positions in the "French ONLY" areas of New Brunswick and most assuredly throughout the province of Quebec.

Besides causing the break up of families, these forced bilingual hiring policies cater to ONLY a tiny group of people in the population (mostly people with a French background and descent) which also consolidates more and more power and control in the hands of that tiny group of people (mostly people with a French background and descent) who have knowledge of the French language.

Those within these positions of power and control (mostly people of French background and descent) then turn around and enact more laws and policies to favor their own minority language group.

It is therefore important for the English speaking majority community in this country to draw the line in the sand and SPEAK UP.

It would seem that, If the French powers that be in the province of Quebec (a mostly "engineered to be so" French PROVINCE) believe it is fair to demand that anyone living, working and seeking services there in that province MUST KNOW FRENCH, then it SHOULD BE EQUALLY FAIR for the rest of Canada (a majority English country) to expect that anyone living, working and seeking services in the rest of Canada proper should know English.

Now we see Manitoba (1) (2) and Alberta under pressure as well.

Keith B.

In light of ALL OF THIS I am forwarding this request by Barry Irvine (another great leader for this cause) from the (ERNBA - Equal Rights for New Brunswick Anglophones) as a public service for anyone who may be interested in attending or providing support in any way.


Message from Barry

I've been discussing a rally this Spring, 2015, in Fredericton to show NB solidarity towards the discrimination of 'official languages' policies.  As you are aware, I am the Founder of Equal Rights for New Brunswick Anglophones (ERNBA on Facebook) with a current membership of 1240 members. We wish to publicly address our government who have been avoiding our concerns and dismissing our legitimacy while pandering to French ONLY interests in the name of bilingualism.

Would you and the members of the Anglo Society be interested in joining our peaceful rally? I think it is time to show our government that we aren't a silent majority and we aren't agreeable to the changes and polices that are turning towns and services (healthcare, education, etc.) to French ONLY. We are tired of language hiring policies that discriminate against the majority and merit hiring. We are tired of the duplication of services and crippling costs that continue to detract from infrastructure spending.

Our simple message is that we don't feel like English NB is fairly represented. We will focus on Representation through Taxation; there can't be one without the other! We seek to be represented with the same committed resources such as Language panels, our own English Language Commissioner, choice in educational programs through tiered programs that end Forced French Immersion, English ONLY municipalities, etc. We will no longer accept 'official languages policy' as an excuse to promote discrimination and misrepresentation by government!

We need to unite and bring our message public. We can only do this if we have the numbers and support of the public.  A good way to do that is to create our own media coverage with social networking such as video and photos on our group sites and YouTube unless the media chooses to accept our offer to cover our rally.

We are looking to rally outside the Legislature pending permissions once we better know our approximate numbers. This being an election year I think it most effective in bringing awareness to the need for a referendum on 'Official Languages'.  I hope we can join in this democratic effort to show our government just how democracy is meant to work instead of this backdoor policy that has been excluding the English Majority (2012 Language Law Review) for long enough!

The date will be late Spring if we can get the numbers. I hope you will join us. I've also invited the group New Brunswick Referendum 2014 with a current membership of 320 members. Please get back to me as soon as you can. Thank you!

Yours in Solidarity,

Barry Irvine


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