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Tuesday March 19, 2013

"Bilingual" License Plates In Manitoba Too

Province Unveils New Bilingual Licence Plates - Winnipeg Free Press

Manitobans who are proud of their French heritage will soon have bilingual licence plates, Premier Greg Selinger said today.

The new plates, unveiled today during the Festival du Voyageur, will be available Monday at Autopac outlets across the province

"I am very pleased to announce this special program in honour of Manitoba's francophone community," Selinger said. "With these new licence plates, we recognize the importance of bilingualism in our province as well as the importance of la francophonie to Manitoba's history and culture."

Manitoba's bilingual licence plate will display the recognizable 'bienvenue.'

Drivers can switch from their current plates to bilingual plates for $15 at their Autopac agent. For newly registered vehicles, the cost of either the English or the bilingual plate is $7



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