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Wednesday, 06 November 2013

Institutional BILINGUALISM = Government RACISM

Politicians acknowledge fault with Institutional Bilingualism - the door is open!

Terry Seguin speaks to political leaders about duality in New Brunswick's health care system. Oct 31, 2013. - CBC

Informative and great to hear - at least something being discussed by our representatives concerning language. Love how it came down to Flemming saying that Forced French Immersion is the cheapest common denominator. Screw the inconvenience and discrimination to English and their freedoms; screw trying to have to work or think harder to clean up this linguistic mess that was thrown together to appease the violence and threats by QUEBEC and a few (proportionately speaking) Acadians led by the then political party, the SANB.

The general tone that people in general are too simple to comprehend the 'need' for Institutional Bilingualism, or GOVERNMENT RACISM (as is the internationally recognized term) is intrinsically sewn into the inception of bilingualism here in NB. The easier softer way was taken and democracy was thwarted. The People were left out and government hastily implemented a policy that promoted French with never once considering the impact to ALL (or the democratic majority) NBers. We were given the altruistic benefits of bilingualism with not a mention of the true 'need' or the real reason behind this policy. The 'People' were never consulted and have been lied to by their representatives for the past 50 years because of this.

They, our government,  created this divisiveness and growing animosity here in NB. The undemocratic and unethical decision to pander to Quebec's, and the then political SANB, demands is why the discrimination and complete political misrepresentation exists. They empowered and promoted a minority above the majority interests because the extremist and radical few. These few, the ones who used misinformation and public opinion swaying based on a false sense of entitlement (British/English colonization that France and Britain agreed upon the terms but French colonists were too indignant to accept), are the true force that claims Canada is bilingual. They promoted the ambiguity between French and English through the French Catholic Church in Quebec and NB; most sermons referred to us, the English, as 'les maudits anglaises' (damned English). Geographic isolation, majority rule or democratic ignorance mixed in with that seething and resentful animosity promoted an indignance and those supremacist expectations of the original French settlers who refused colonization or Canada and it's laws and constitution.

THAT is why we now have a government that is influenced and controlled by Quebec. That is why we experience ineffective representation and a system that reflects more the origins of something other than a democracy based on the Magna Carta and those founding principles (the ones fought and paid for by the blood of our soldiers) that established our Constitution and associated FREE way of life.

Our freedoms are dwindling proportionate to the non and ineffective representation by government along with the immoral, unethical and subversive (exploitive in the very least as admitted by former president of the SANB, Mr JM Nadeau) interests of  Quebec and other French Lobbyists. Democratic rights superceded by one sided special interests that justify violating human rights and freedoms, breaking or changing laws (whether constitutional, charter, etc.) or that justify ignoring majority concerns is intolerance promoted by government. They stated in the video that government fear recrimination for slapping bilingualism in our face undemocratically and causing animosity and discrimination to the majority as the reason we weren't included in the secret meetings to review Language Laws in 2012 - those laws we protest and prove discriminate - and then use that as the excuse for once again taking the path of least resistance and excluding majority representation when further promoting French centric laws and policies and the cause of our concerns. So a Language charter that started with an undemocratic policy for ALL Canadians, which was based on violent actions and protests where a Canadian Flag was burned by the SANB in NB as well as murderous actions (FLQ) and threats of destroying national unity by Quebec - the province that denies bilingualism and anything constitutional, was presented as a noble and encompassing ideology and then forced upon Canada after a secret meeting of 10 + 1 men.

Ask yourself this when you consider the escalating influences and efforts to preserve and promote 'bilingualism'? Why are we forced to teach our kids in French (80 %) when the Charter of Rights and Freedoms states that 'distinct educational institutions' are part of linguistic equality? The French schools have what we use to have for second language policy by the way. Consider that the constitution states we are never meant to all have to speak both languages and should NEVER be forced to do so. Then the government legally declares that we MUST BE BILINGUAL to work for them!

Laws and policies that preserve and promote French vehemently with no conditions, onus or expectations or measurement for French bilingualism on one hand and no representation, to the extent of mis-representation, for English. When we cite laws of the Charter of Rights or Language Laws we are dismissed or told propegating French interests and the stakeholder force the violations of constitutional or chartered rights! We can't have the representation and or benefit of laws in the language laws because our education board promotes stakeholder interests and the propegation of French, nothing else. The Sign-laws are from Quebec's French Language Laws (Bill 22 originally and called Bill Z22 in other provinces) and violate the Freedom of Expression which is a constitutional guarantee. The bilingual supreme court calls it the 'notwithstanding' clause and excuses the violation saying it is needed to further French in our society. Are you seeing the trend here?

Section 16.1 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms states it is the affirmed role of government and legislature to ensure our distinct educational institutions and equal representation in the preservation and promotion of both linguistic communiities and their heritage. They break their own Language Charters that were used to exploit English and defile the mandate of their elected or appointed office and ignore their job desription (not to mention section of law) and continue to estow the benefits of bilingualism in their lies. Above the law and exclusively preserved and promoted for French while we are INTENTIONALLY misrepresented.

When French interpret this and use it to explain misrepresentation they omit that supply and demand or majority influence plays a part in realistic expectations for hiring quotas, staffing and resources available, etc. Intolerance and indignance for the rights of the majority presented as fair because of the past discriminations by English on the French eveb though much of the perceived discriminations they refer to were biased misinformation presented by the French Catholic Church and those French colonists who weren't deported in NB for not pledging alegiance or the the ones who agreed to abide by Canadian Law but then swore another oath to return Canada to French rule or destroy it trying. That is known as the 'Poison Cradle Syndrome' or Poison Oath as is commonly referred to.

The lament that English assimilation forces French to speak English is nothing more than a declaration of intolerance for democracy and majority rule. Other minority cultures thrive and are embraced in Canada with the absence of government interference. This gives a glimpse into how Institutional Racism / Bilingualism is warranted to alter the natural processes of socio-economic growth and democratic governance. The minority class ruling the majority and controlling the laws and representation is also known as the communist based Mandarin Syndrome from China. I'm from a French/Acadian and English home. We are a bilingual family and most of my friends are bilingual. They have never once told me they were worried that I was assimilating them. It is one thing to inform the public and present a need for affirmative action to assist a minority group but to alter the entire country through undemocratic and immoral efforts has much darker ramifications.

Nothing borne of intolerance and resentment coupled with the refusal to acknowledge the realities and ways of all others can produce something mutually beneficial or fair. This is why it is OK for Quebec to implement laws and policies that violate English Freedoms and contradict the bilingualism mantra that we are fed here in NB? What of the concerns of assimilation of the English and the oppressive and bigoted behaviours they experience? It is not an issue, even when tens and hundreds of thousands leave the province for the discrimination they expreince? The Acadian 'great deportation' didn't affect near that many French colonists yet nary a word from the political arena. No efforts to promote bilingualism in Canada for Quebec is there!

Yet another contradiction to the phalacy that Canada is bilingual or that this is to better us. Institutional bilingualism, as it is being enforced currently and in past, contradicts the objectives and rationalizations for it's implementation, application and intentions. But if you look at the evidence and use scientifically proven methodologies to explain what really is happening as opposed to what is claimed to be happening you will have to consider an alternative explanation or definition of events. Even if you didn't buy into the earlier warnings in books, articles and other literature (archives, etc.) or the political analysts and political opposition parties to Institutional Bilingualism and just used inductive and deductive reasoning to form a hypothesis or more developed theory there comes a better term to explain the countless contradictions between what is said versus what ACTUALLY is.

This is of course the term Frenchification. It will never be acknowledged or repeated when discussing language despite evidence that supports this as a more precise and inclusive explanation. The term derives its name from the earlier attempts of French colonists and Quebec's efforts to subvert and exploit English. It is these contradictions that make it clear that Institutional Bilingualism is something other than what we are being led to believe. There are numerous other clues and physical evidence to show that this isn't the altruistic or noble mandate that your inept leaders proclaim. Why else can our elected representatives spend billions of dollars preserving and promoting just French only when said money is being collected from the majority English as well as the minority French? We are not asked or given the opportunity to be represented concerning any of this. Worse still is how voicing concern about the discrimination by lobbyists and biased language laws and policy prompts the government, lobbyists and their advocates, along with media, to dismiss and discredit those citizens' concerns or simply label them bigots.

Here's a neat little trick to help you understand. Drive to the Quebec borders with NB (and possibly Ontario I expect) and drive back into NB. You will start to notice that the signs, most every one, are in French only. The further you drive away from the more you will note the level of bilingualism in NB. Even PE Trudeau was noted for quelling Quebec with laws that would make Quebec French only, not bilingual, and the other provinces as well, through bilingualism.

NB is really the only province in Canada to be forced into the 'official' designation of bilingual and that was more a factor in justifying the process of Frenchification by Quebec. Think about it... English schools only force 80% French through the entire gambit of the curriculae, we have French only immigration that operates in Provincial arenas and influences ALL citizens. This, coupled with the Quebec run Heritage that promotes the French minority throughout NB, serves more as a social engineering tool to propegate and justify the replication of Quebec's French (only) hospitals, colleges and even entire municipalities.

Campbellton, NB borders on Quebec. We were once an English majority population. Minority funding was used to develop our poor region and now we have a French majority and the MP, JC D'Amours was announcing funding needs for the area even after he was given a report on the higher French population numbers. He also uses Acadian and French in his newsletter interchangeably. One is heritage and the other language... I am Acadian but I'm English but any person speaking French is generously grouped into the catch all for the benefits - I am of course not.  It seems contradictory doesn't it?

A Language Commision that serves to serve the Language Charter and is federally populated with roughly 75% French bilingual staffing for a 75% English Country and has sweeping powers that not even the PM can alter. The NB Commissioner was called to answer for promoting French with the SANB, sat on the panel French for the Future and is why and how municipalities can be declared French only and accept the French Language Sign Laws from Quebec despite being 'notwithstanding' in its own self promoting interests. Michel Carrier stated he didn't see a conflict or see bias by promoting French even though he is supposed to be the English and French representative for Language. That contradiction is one of the more glaring flags for 'Frenchification' but even the 'word that shall not be named' is classified as inflamatory and derogatory by the very people who are accused of illegally and intentionally enabling it through the guise of bilingualism.

Convenient isn't it? How can you be aware of the Language Commissioner promoting Frenchification with the SANB and then deny, dismiss and denounce legitimate concerns from the majority representatives defending democratic rights against it?  I don't classify this so much as a contradiction as opposed to a cover-up. The government is pushing this Frenchification agenda with French Lobbyists and French special interest groups for rich stakeholders and totally trashing and dismissing any proposed solutions for removing discrimination from the English public. The public is presented only with the benefits of bilingualism and not the truth of its costs or the real driving forces behind the lies and misinformation. They feign ignorance to Frenchification to legitimize or justify their wrongful actions and insult those very people who are trying to fix things, the patriotic activists who dedicate themselves voluntarily and sacrifice much (thousands of hours, frustration and obstruction of justice and political representation, ridicule and public scorn from communities and family and friends ) trying to protect democracy.  The public presentation and opinion swaying for biliingualism claims prosperity in the face of overwhelming evidence to the very opposite.

Duplication of services in Health Care that is being discussed in the featured link for this thread is defended and justified as the other parties delicately prance around the premise that we, the public AND our leaders, are unaware of Frenchification and  the increasing discriminations caused by Institutional Bilingualism. Their arguments must conform to the rules and conditions of a lie and if anyone seems to even hint at the truth of a hidden agenda by those propegating Frenchification through bilingualism they are put in the hot seat and made to defend the bilingualism's ideology as opposed to discussing the racist enforcement of institutionalized Frenchification!!  This is the contradiction that highlights how we are no longer a democratic society but more a Socialist/Fascist run people who are forced to accept top down party politics and the dictators' will and influences and interests of big business, no matter the ramifications on the lowly people. "Let them eat cake." The aristocratic statement that is famous for highlighting this arrogant and fatal philosophy of disconnected rule.

The evoluton of democracy and social policies came from the framework of the Magna Carta that works on the premise of people paying communal taxes to develop roads, education, healthcare, etc., and a guarantee of government representation as a result. There is never acknowledgement, let alone representation, for complaints or concerns by English concerning language even though Frenchification was inadvertantly acknowledged by government.

They continue to deny our concerns and promote only the purile benefits and denying or ignoring the violations of rights and freedoms or the discrimination that detracts from the Majority Voice. This is because they need us to keep paying taxes to fund the lie and propegation of a system that ignores our, mankinds', highest ideas and sacrifices that it took to produce democracy, our highest and most altruistic ideology associated with a free society. Sure, they allow us to tick a box on the ballots during an election and pretend to abide by democratic principles but we all see what happens when they get the job. This isn't enough to warrant our tax dollars! Telling us what to learn, how to speak or advertise our businesses, and which laws or rights we will have despite constitutional and democratic laws created to ensure just such a thing doesn't happen is NOT Democracy!

Biased hiring policies that allow language hiring to trump merit hiring has been brought to government yet none of the ramifications and protests of the majority representation are ever even acknowledged, let alone criticized and discredited no matter how legitimate and supported by facts and evidence. They now claim French is the international language when the world knows that English is the international language. They claim French Immersion is good for our kids even though the program was scrubbed due to reduced grades in traditional core subjects like math.

French colonies of the Empirical days weren't afforded the luxury of pledging an oath of allegiance I assure you. The current supremacist and intolerant French Language Laws of Quebec are appearing in bordering provinces. Violence and threats of seperation were the reasons for our government's decision to forego democratic principles and processes. That is why we were not involved in a democratic process. They took the political path of least resistance for this policy of Institutional Racism and that is why we are lied to and kept out of the loop to this day. That is how other interests are allowed to violate our rights and freedoms and discriminate against us. Instead of allowing the public (professional or even international community) to brainstorm and look for a diplomatic and democratic solution to the problems of language of the day they simply caved and threw us under the proverbial bus.

They admit (NDP guest on the panel) that they, French Lobbyists and Special Interest Groups  met to change OUR laws (2012 Language Law review) once again with only the French special interests and lobbyists present. They say it was due to the concerns of the backlash from English NBers - and that is exactly what I've been trying to address. We are blamed for the problem, ignored when we voice our democratic concerns of equality and well being and expected to incur the costs and efforts of furthering the promotion and propagation of French through the discriminatory Language Laws. The only thing that is more reprehensible than the unethical and ineffective representation caused by this undemocratic Institutional Biliingualism that defiles democracy is the fact that we are being forced to pay for our own demise.

A government who won't say the word Frenchification and continues to hold the democratic majority to the highest and noblest standards knows all about this stuff. They are forced to promote the inclusive phase of bilingualism that preculdes the dominance of French, as we are seeing more of and further into our Province. Yet they exploit our naaivety and good will and promote simplistic and somewhat beneficial aspects to the public to keep their dirty little secret and cover up their betrayal to the people.

If bilingualism was so great and the need to Force us to speak and accomodate French existed then I would embrace it but the truth is that Spanish, Mandarin and other languages are equal or more predominant in Canada. The self fulfilling prophecy of pushing French is evident in the former exemption form used for the French Immersion Program wherein it states twice that this is a compulsory program and that exemption will create less opportunity for English students in higher education and the work place! That is text book discrimination and a sure indicator that they care not about our democratic protection or representation and plan to further preserve and promote 'stakeholder' interests in the future as well.

Even more frustrating is that this perpetuates the lie and cover up even more and all the while they are forced to go on listening to the voice of the 'stakeholder' and lobbyists and promoting their interests above the interests of the People. There is more to consider before you flop back into indifference and political apathy though. This isn't leveling off or static; there is a pan-Canadian action plan. This was revealed in the 41st Session of Parliament, first sitting and revealed through what was called the Economic Development Plan. Lobbyists and special interest groups and investors with megabucks were present and laid out who, how, where and when they were investing their billions of dollars. They have a very diverse portfolio and made the one conditional factor paramount to their commitment to this plan; French first, as you may have guessed it is the why to it all. 

It isn't too late and the only way to stop it is for good people to stand together as a majority and say ENOUGH. The alternative is continued indifference and succumbing to the socialist reform policies of Frenchification that are already violating our Rights and Freedoms and growing in intolerance and application. This is what the UN warned of when Bill 101 and this Quebec Sovereignty came to be. If you choose indifference and don't join us I will respect your wishes; we are still free as it stands now in Canada.

Can you please do me one favour?  If you Do continue to ignore or propegate Frenchification and the threat to our freedoms please stay home on November 11th;  please don't dishonour those who DID fight and even die for those freedoms! And maybe remember this when you start hearing all the bright and exemplary promises come election time... You must unite and force the issues so be ready to put on your walking shoes and grab a few bullhorns in preparation; they will have a hard time covering up the lies and broken promises if we force them to acknowledge our concerns and interests on OUR terms. Maybe they will then understand the privelege of representing the People and realize they are not there to Rule the people. Taxes demand this... remember!


Logic shows government promoting Frenchification despite concerns by English Rights groups. Connections also show how their refusal to acknowledge or legitimize claims of Frenchification are a lie. This implicates them for promoting discrimination through Institutional Bilingualism and deliberately undermining concerns of the English Majority and the democratic process. No taxes, no representation... but what compensation is there for a government acting against it's own people? Can you say RESTITUTION?

Barry Levine


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