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End the unfairness of official bilingualism. Stop wasting our tax dollars.

Claire introduces you to C.A.T.

I am a member of a Citizens Action Team (C.A.T. for short) and one of the things I do is produce one-pagers for distribution through Facebook. They are posted on the C.A.T. website (which is by invitation only) and on the Bilingualism & Duality website (which is an open site). We started C.A.T. almost a year ago to challenge the government discrimination against the English in New Brunswick. We are simply a group of citizens committed to driving change, awareness, and education about the state of NB through targeted letter writing, windshield/mailbox drops, one-pagers, newsletters, protests, etc. Our membership is close to 1,000.

Many of us from C.A.T. are also members of the Anglophone Rights Association of New Brunswick, and the Peoples Alliance Party of New Brunswick. We are all fighting for the same things the Rights of the English in New Brunswick. If you wish I will invite you into the C.A.T. site so you can read the posts and offer your suggestions there. People are listening to us the one-pagers on the Bilingualism and Duality website have had over 270,000 hits within the last 3 weeks and we are contacted regularly by people who are tired of what is happening to our province and looking to us for change. Link to:

I absolutely agree with you on the CBC issue and I am attaching a copy of the one-pager I did on this discrimination issue as just a sample of one of the 330 one-pagers now in circulation across the country. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Claire Dykeman



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