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Thursday, July 23, 2015

We Are Not Going To Take It Anymore

From the website Equal Rights  for New Brunswick Anglophones

Written by Bonnie Bulmer

To the Elitist Francophone:

(Please notice, I said to the Elitist - not the average Francophone citizen)

This foolishness has to stop.

You can argue all that you want about how you have "rights", and how the Anglophones are trying to take those rights away from you ... the truth is - we're not. You're trying to get them taken away from yourselves. How, or why? Because you abuse them.

You are the ones who are not, and never have been content no matter what you've been given. concession after concession has been granted to you in an attempt to appease your *loss* and allow both of our communities to co-exist in peace and prosperity - but it's just never been enough.

It is you who take it too far, and who have caused us to say "enough".

The right to communicate with both Federal and Provincial government in the language of your preference wasn't enough - you had to insist on "immediate, on the spot service", and in fact, an "active offer", no matter where you are or what the demographics of the region may be. You were never content to have the right to have your own linguistic communities, and to function within them in your language and culture - no - you insisted on pushing into ours. You insisted on going into communities that are primarily Anglophone and demanding to be served in French - and in many cases, you haven't been one bit polite about it, either.

You insisted that our own community residents be forced out of positions of employment in order to accommodate you. And you haven't been reasonable about it.

You've gone out of your way to have workers fired, transferred, or demoted in order to meet your demands - and we aren't talking about important issues where comprehension is critical - we're talking about every small, stupid opportunity you get ... your right to order 7-up, play golf, buy alcohol. You forced yourself on the average citizen, the private business owner. No translation services, no interpreters, no "I'll be happy to get someone for you who speaks French".

Your self-inflated perception of importance and your insecure need to validate yourself by oppressing others is what have brought us to this point. Your insistence on frivolous lawsuits to force yourself on others, your constant demands for more and more funding to preserve and promote your language which you aren't even using within your own homes, your insistence on destroying anything or anyone who doesn't immediately bow to you. You refused to allow this province and in fact this country to focus on the economy, health, education - things that will benefit us all. You refuse to compromise, to cooperate, to consider or respect others.

You insist on it all. Well - you've finally pushed too far, and we're pushing back.

What you failed to realize - is that we WANTED you to have these rights. We wanted you to retain your culture, your heritage, your language. In fact, we wanted to share it with you, to learn it, to embrace it and to create a truly blended community where we could live side by side in harmony. We wanted to work together for a better future - you refused to allow it.

To the average Francophone caught in the middle of this mess - I'm sorry. You are a valued and welcome member of our society and our communities. We consider you our friends, our neighbors, our co-workers. We are happy to make reasonable attempts to accommodate your language preferences.

We want you to be comfortable, welcomed, and happy,.

Unfortunately, because of a few bad apples - you're going to suffer, because we're not going to take it anymore.


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