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Friday, October 18, 2013
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Letters To Prime Minister Harper For Help

Family frustrated after ordered to speak French in Gatineau hospital - Vet's family still angry at Hull hospital after incident with rude orderly

Dear Prime Minister Harper,

Is there no language justice for a dying English speaking WW2 soldier in the Hull Hospital in Quebec.?  That is an example they have for our service men.   When will something he done for the majority of English speaking in Canada.?  Please let Quebec go and stop sending transfer relief payments to Quebec who have more free perks than the R.O.C.

This is an outrage ? Quebecers brought about “Conscription “during WW2 to get the French to join up and fight  for our country. But they still did not have to go over seas. They hate us so,let them go. 

Mrs. Davies- Fuhrman in Kelowna


To Prime Minister Harper

CC: Graham Frazer

Sir, this story should send shudders through your being. Here, in a single stroke, a lowly orderly demonstrates the public face of Quebec: Shabby. 

The very folks to whom you have dedicated your professional career, those whom you would protect from us despicable Canadians, have done, yet again, what they do best - demonstrated the breadth and depth of their adolescence.

You, sir, wear the same shabby façade.

Gerry Porter

Ottawa, ON,


Folks, although Ontario and its municipalities, have open-door, bilingual  policies toward Quebec, Quebec resolutely refuses to reciprocate. The latest example of their adolescent behaviour arose when an orderly in a Hull hospital refused to assist a WWII veteran - who was dying of cancer - because he spoke English (details below).

Quebec demands much of Ontario - and the rest of the country - and we, in our docility, smile and do as we are told. For example, the City of Ottawa regulations dictate that day care centres receiving more than 30% of their revenue from the city must be bilingual. But we learned just last week that the rule applies only to English day care centres;  French day care centres in Ottawa, all of which receive 100% funding from the city, are not required to be bilingual.  This is what Quebecers wanted, and this is what Quebecers got.

The Government of Ontario funds - through the Trillium Foundation - virtually all Quebec initiatives to spread French throughout the Ontario. Recently, the foundation agreed to fund a French community centre in Ottawa West, which will not offer services in English - and that is fine with the folks at Trillium.

Canada's Official Bilingualism policies mean that the federal bureaucracy is populated by people who were hired, not because they are qualified, but because they speak French.  (As an aside, recall Justin Trudeau's recent observation concerning the distribution of Senate seats: said he with the nice hair: "But what I said then was a statement of fact. Quebec has 24 Senate seats and Alberta has 6. That is to our advantage." This from the man who would be our Prime Minister. If we think we are under attack from Quebec now, just imagine how quickly Quebec would take charge of the Federal Government if Trudeau wins in 2015.)

I urge you to send a complaint to Graham Fraser, the Commissioner of Official Languages, who spends his generous budget identifying conditions in Ottawa, Ontario, and Canada, that do not, in his view, comply with Official Bilingual legislation.  He does not look for corresponding conditions in Quebec that do not comply. In Graham Fraser's game, there is only one enemy; English Canada.

You can also contact the Prime Minister as well.


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