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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

1990 minutes of Niagara Falls Council Meeting

Mr. Ted Wiwchar, 6497 Corwin Crescent; Mrs. Helen Oberlein, 6744 Riall Street; Mr. Stan Brown, Pelham Road, St. Catharines; Mr. Les Elliott, 6357 High Street; Mrs. Muriel Mitchell; Mr. Joseph Joy, 2175 Mewburn Road; Ms. Chris Holmes, 4604 Fourth Avenue, addressed Council in support of the proposed motion and expressed their concerns in terms of the increased positions designated bilingual; the large National deficit for which no payment is being made as a reduction measure; the large outstanding debt to countries outside of Canada; the reduction of transfer payments in Ontario, as well as health services and post-secondary education, and at the same time the spending of $3.5 billion to promote French Services across Canada; the commitment of the "whole of Canada to official hilingualism", by the Federal Government, with 96% of the population outside Quebec using English, without the right to promote English in Quebec; Follow the story here....


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