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01 December 2016

French Pressure Groups Never Quits!!

We are very fortunate to have a very active supporter who is an excellent researcher who knows how to access the French media.  It gives us the ability to keep an eye on what the small group of activist Francophones are doing & we get a lot of very useful information that we don't have the resources to obtain otherwise.  In the following link:

Councilors were contacted by #ONfr to rule on the question: "We would like your answer" yes "or" no "to the question: Would you support official bilingualism in the City of Ottawa if the approach does not impose additional costs and does not cause job losses? "The elected were free to respond by email or by phone.

That question refers to the greatest threat to increased bilingualism, especially if the policy is entrenched in law & can be enforced by the courts.  The cost of bilingualization will obviously increase as everything is duplicated so common sense will tell us why it is being resisted by councillors who are worried about the cost of ALL services to be provided by the city.  The links following will show us how the cost of bilingual service has doubled since the passing of by-law 2001-170:

  1. 1.       Cost of FLS in 2005 was $1.75 M (see message from Anre-Cadieux)
  2. 2.       Cost of FLS climbed to $ 2.6 million in 2014
  3. 2.       Cost of FLS in 2016 was $3,064 M (see page from adopted budget 2016)

The next important point is that, no matter what they say, it will cause job losses to the majority unilingual English-speakers as more positions will be required to be bilingual.  Which of the citizens living in Ottawa would be so naive as to believe that lie?

The link referred to also gave in great detail how each councillor responded to the question asked.  We will be sending out a message to thank the Mayor & the councillors who have said, "NO" or who are not happy to say "YES".  I hope all our readers will contact their own councillors & encourage your own councillor to say "NO".  Politicians are only concerned about voters in their constituencies so if you don't show them that you care, don't be surprised if they don't.  For the sake of ALL Canadian English-speakers, from any race & any part of the world, PLEASE contact your councillor at the link below:

Kim McConnell


Bilingual Designation Of Ottawa: The Response Of 23 Councilors


BTW, an item just forwarded by a reader says that several recreational French/bilingual programs, paid for & set up by the City at the insistence of the French pressure groups, will be cancelled.  Reason?  Insufficient response!!!

The article is available in French here:

OTTAWA - Half of French activities offered by the City of Ottawa must be canceled due to insufficient enrollment.


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