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Responses from Ottawans re: Official Bilingual Status for Ottawa

From April

Hi Kim,

I knew there was something off about that recent poll and someone recently wrote to the Sun, who had a French last name, and he said that he feels that those with French last names were the majority (if not all) who were called. Also, the way the questions were phrased made it difficult for some people to understand them correctly, such as, 'Would people be okay if Ottawa became officially bilingual if there was no added cost?' (something to that effect) so most people said "yes", while this writer said "no" - he knew the trick. Thank goodness for him.

If they really want to do a legitimate, accurate poll they should be asking everyone, not just a certain dynamic. This is beyond pathetic.

I, for one, am sick and tired of the whole official bilingual thing. Even with it not being official right now it is very difficult to find a job in Ottawa if you do not speak both languages. They keep harping on that there are poverty issues, and people cannot pay their very high bills and the government wants us to spend, spend, spend, but then they keep bringing this ridiculous subject up.  If this continues, we are going to have more people struggling financially and perhaps a wave of people moving out of Ottawa - I know I am thinking about it.  We have enough worries and problems without adding to them. I really do not understand what is wrong with people. We are supposed to be helping people here not making it more difficult to live a-day-to-day life. It makes me sick to be honest.

The worst part of this is that we are so close to Quebec that a lot of people there come here to Ottawa to work but a lot of us here cannot drive to Quebec to work (because we do not speak the language). Quebec is a very large province and I just do not feel this is fair nor right.

What can we do to get the point across that "enough is enough"?  We need to tell those in "power" that there are more important issues to deal with - high rents, high mortgages, high food prices, high utilities bills, terrible salaries and minimum wage (do not get me started) and now what will happen if a big percentage of people no longer have a job because of a stupid language barrier?   I went to college and now have a ton of debt and can hardly get anywhere in my career, and I am sure many are in this situation. If we go official we are screwed.   It is not even up for debate - we are screwed. 

There has to be something that we can do to make an impact and tell these people to back off. 

So tired...



Response from her councillor Hubley

Good morning April,

On behalf of Councillor Hubley, I would like to thank you for your below email concerning the discussion on official bilingualism. The Councillor appreciates you taking the time to share your feedback on this matter.

Councillor Hubley has been clear on the issue of official bilingualism, and shares the view of many residents that the current policy is serving everyone well and respects the taxpayer.

Thank you again for taking the time to share your comments, and should you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

Kind regards,



Thank-you from Kim

You have done a fantastic job - the best of all the people who sent in letters to their councillors!!  Your message was very clear & reflects the views of a lot of people who live & work in Ottawa.  Councillor Hubley has already been added to our list of "NO" votes.  We still need at least 2 - 3 more to ensure that pro-OB Councillors do not get their total of 17 councillors to force a debate. 

The "Bilingual Ottawa" group will try all sorts of tactics - they will promise that the changes will not cost any more money that the current policy is already costing us but we all know that it is a lie.  Soon as they get the designation made into law, the courts will force the city to comply.

If you have the time to look at their proposal at this link:

 You'll know that they are a very determined group of people who are encouraged and funded by the Federal & Provincial govt. to push for more and more.

 If you have friends or family living in Ottawa, please ask them to contact their own councillors.  The City Council will lose control of the City once the courts are involved.


From Elsa S.

Dear City Council Members,

I am writing to support Canadians for Language Fairness, and to thank May Jim Watson and the councillors who voted NO, against having Official Bilingualism forced upon the City of Ottawa.


Elsa Schieder, PhD

Elsa has had a lifelong concern with human rights and freedoms. Right now, a major concern is freedom of speech in the face of Islamic pressure and political correctness. 

Her latest work is The Big BUT System: The Strategy that Keeps People from Seeing Islam as It Is:

She sends out a weekly update. To subscribe:

Other sites:


Good morning Dr. Schieder,

 Thank you for your email and for taking the time to share your support.

 All the best.


 Jim Watson


City of Ottawa



From Gordon Miller - local business person

Dear Mayor Watson,

I thank you for your clear-headedness on the bilingualism issue.  Without question, Francophones will not be any better served in Ottawa under “Official Bilingualism”.  Such would only lead to increased costs, activist opportunism, court costs and a high percentage of City of Ottawa employees who would actually be residents of Quebec.  This is not good for the French or the English of Ottawa.  Moreover, Official Bilingualism also creates resentment between groups and individuals.  In Ottawa, businesses like mine provide services in both languages out of courtesy and good business practice.  Your advocacy for the same is very much respected.  I trust your Councillors will support you.


Gordon Miller


From: Watson, Jim (Mayor/Maire) []

Sent: Tuesday, October 4, 2016 9:33 AM

To: Gordon Miller [O]

Subject: RE: Thank you Mayor Watson for your courageous and smart leadership...

Good morning Mr. Miller,

Thank you for your email and for your support.  I appreciate it.

All the best.


Jim Watson


City of Ottawa



From a Quebecer:

Hi Kim

Canadians must be made aware that OFFICIAL BILINGUALISM, as opposed to simple BILINGUALISM, will necessitate enforced compliance by a state agency euphemistically referred to as the LANGUAGE POLICE.

They should understand that this is FASCIST INTERVENTION in a free society.

Viewed in this context, it should scare the living daylights out of any sane, clear-minded individual who values the fundamental liberties that define Western civilization.

To the Quebec zealots who seek to impose French on their English-speaking neighbours, I say, THIS FAR AND NO FURTHER!

Barry J.


From: Mark (Quebecer)

Sent: September 28, 2016 11:38 AM


Cc:;; Deans, Diane;;;

Subject: Do me and the people of Ottawa (which is part of the NCR ) a public service, please? It's 2016 and time for Quebec to become bilingual.


Since you and Mr. Paradis are so interested in making Ottawa officially bilingual ( because it's ”the capital of Canada and we are a bilingual country”), well , that's not true ).  Can you please show some leadership and write Mr. Paradis, the Liberal party of Canada, the mayor of Gatineau (NCR) and the Premier of Quebec and push for the same thing as it's high time THEY become officially bilingual (Quebec city was the "birthplace of Canada", let's starts with Mr. Paradis’s city ) and not normal for politicians outside their own mandate and jurisdiction to be telling people in Ottawa what's good for them considering the utter selfish hypocrisy. 

Ottawa INCLUDES the NATIONAL CAPITAL REGION and why is it that my girlfriend, who is a public servant, cannot get bilingual English services outside her government of Canada office in Gatineau when she gets on a Gatineau city bus or shops/dines out outside of work on her break? What “officially bilingual” and fair about that? 

It's very obvious to most people ( sorry, look how often polls have got it wrong with recent elections ) that official bilingualism means more French, less English and at one hell of a cost both in terms of implementing and running it plus lost opportunities for English people. Just look at the Federal PS and that's what will happen. 

I am not anti-French as we put our son in 100% French school (and both of us do not know French) , but I certainly am anti-unfairness and anti -crazy, expensive, asymmetric social polices like this that are very divisive, contrary to what you say in this article. 

The poll is not being worded in a “balanced” way.  What the headline should say is that most people "POLLED", (and we know polls have been REALLY off recently) are OK with it PROVIDED that it does not cost us money and jobs and we know that is exactly what will happen.   It's not an experiment, just look at the Federal  PS and some language zealot will push things in court testing the whole thing, costing us all plenty of money. 

I would like to see a poll down In Gatineau and I guarantee you 99.9% would be against official bilingualism like the rest of Quebec and that would make the naive ones in Ottawa think twice.  It's like the trade deals…they have to be “fair trade” or there is an imbalance.   We live in a social justice era…either it's fair or forget it. 

It's 2016, it's time Quebec became officially bilingual.  I can still hear Justin Trudeau getting booed for addressing ALL Canadians at Quebec City in English last summer (so much for tolerance and inclusiveness ).  I also recall a Federal PS running a slow red light ( who we cannot ticket still I see ) who was French living in Gatineau and was perfectly bilingual but refused to deal with a police officer who could not deal with him in French. 

Sorry, it is a contentious issue and that's because we all know it's not fair. Fleury figures there are currently 13 “strong votes” in favour of official bilingualism on council.  He doesn’t want the proposal to be a contentious issue.

“I think we have gone away from the days of divisive linguistic politics,” Fleury said.

Mark K.



I am a francophone who does NOT want to see Ottawa become officially bilingual. 

Official bilingualism will only serve to further drive our university-educated youth out of the city, more than it already does, as a result of the federal government's bilingualism policies. I agree with your position that bilingualism is a waste of taxpayers' money.

Let me know how I can help to fight the Bilingual Ottawa 'movement'.  


Francine D.


As a finale. here's Keith's excellent on how the French are already very noticeable in Ottawa:







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