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16 September 2013

Montreal Language Protests & More

Protest Planned To Denounce Use Of English In Montreal

(LET'S NOW SEE what they means when they say, "oh, it's just a  small minority that are pushing this harsh French agenda.) Don't forget.  For every one person that shows up there are at least 20 sitting at home pumping their fist in the air cheering these others on.


MONTREAL - As political attention is focused on the Charter of Quebec Values, an event is planned this week to denounce the increasing presence of English in Montreal.

About 400 people are expected Wednesday evening at Place des Festivals. A protest “en lumière” is being organized by Partenaires pour un Québec français (Partners for a French Quebec), a group of large labour unions, the Société St-Jean-Baptiste de Montréal and the Mouvement national des Québécois.

Participants will each receive two lights and will place them to create a large “101” at the Place des Festivals. A photo will be taken from 40 metres above. Organizers say they want to profit from the identity crisis in Quebec to underline the importance of the French language as the common language for all Quebecers. - Montreal Gazette


Any Anglophones that believe they can turn back the "cr@p" advancements that the French have made in turning Quebec into the pure laine FRENCH ONLY province (or should i say country/nation) du Quebec is DREAMING in Technicolor.


That place (the province of Quebec) is LONG GONE and the French Xenophobes that run the place WILL NEVER EVER turn back the gains they have made in CRUSHING every other culture other than the French culture in that province.

There really should be no surprise in any of this either. THEY SAID THAT IS WHAT THEY WERE GOING TO DO... AND THEY DID IT.


We now MUST (and i say -- MUST -- with the strongest of intent and vigor) -- MUST -- move on and cut the umbilical cord that connects the rest of Canada to that cancerous area and a people (generally speaking) that WANT NOTHING TO DO WITH THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE AND THE ENGLISH CULTURE.

We MUST do this NOW -- BEFORE -- they take the rest of Canada with them AS WELL.

BECAUSE, just like -- they told us all in no uncertain terms --  THE WOULD TAKE QUEBEC AS THEIR OWN, they were also were told (and are following those orders) by Pierre Elliot Trudeau to

His son Justin said it also.

Want more proof:

Take a moment to seriously think about this. Look around you. French ONLY at Ontario hospitals. French DOMINANT at a one of the most prominent universities in Ottawa.

More French first, French dominant and French ONLY in areas (even federal -- which is supposed to represent the majority) outside of the province of Quebec.

Demands for French in EVERY aspect of life outside the province of Quebec while the every day French citizens are begin taught by  their own government that it's OK to treat the English like dirt.

Our government is over represented to the tune of 65% more French job openings and available positions to THE FRENCH than the English. keep in mind, the population (if you don't count Quebec) outside of Quebec is about 94% Anglophone/other.

Those English people (the majority) Canadian citizens CANNOT run to be Prime Minister in their own country. Those English people (again, the majority) CANNOT advance past a certain rank in the Canadian military. More and more jobs in general going ONLY to those who can speak French. I AM NOT making this up.  it's all out there to be verified.

And folks, if things are THIS WAY NOW, imagine a few more years of hiring ONLY those who can speak French and how much more difficult things are going to go for the unilingual English people in this country. They want nothing to do with English AT ALL

They are sucking the rest of Canada dry and using all that money to further THE FRENCH CAUSE which is to the detriment of the majority Anglophone Canadians who are supplying this cash to them.

THIS IS WHY WE MUST stop this insanity now.  The French want nothing to do with the English language so fine. Let's have a peaceful divorce and let them be French while the rest of Canada reverts to being English.  -- OUR HERITAGE -- That way EVERYONE CAN BE happy and no more resentment can be built up.


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