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Sunday, February 23, 2014


Yes, it's a bit older (only just recently brought to my attention) however, they are still up to this kind of ridiculous "pandering" to a minority.

One would think (like one of the comments say's) a store with the name "Canadian" in it's damn name would tell these a-holes where to go and stand up against this kind of ANTI-Canadian (cause there is no other word for it) sentiment.

Oh and btw, if your thinking -- ah, who cares what language is first or "on top" -- I'll tell you -- who cares -- it's the very folks who are the first to say, "what difference does it make and who cares which language is first ... 

The French

After all, isn't it them who want the English language disappear and be smaller and less "visible" in that "province" over there which btw, they are going around calling a country.  Doesn't she realize that billions of "majority English Canadian dollars" come to her as the "premier" of a "province" for the very reason that Quebec is ONLY JUST  -- "A PROVINCE" --

And, if that's (in the immortal words of my late brother) "not enough to rot yours socks off" have a look at this.  What is wrong with the Canadian flag?  I thought this was about culture and language ?


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