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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Canada Is Not Officialy Bilingual

Besides this website wrongly saying Canada is officially bilingual, an interesting point is a law 101 comment. See bold. So by Ontario making jobs bilingual, it kind of looks like our own law 101.

  • Quebec Employees Have the Right to French Corporate Communications

If your business has, or plans to have, employees in Quebec, French corporate communication is a must. All written communications with employees must be provided in French. This includes:

1) Job and promotion offers: if there is an English advertisement made, a French one must be simultaneously published with at least equal prominence

  1. Collective agreements and schedules
  2. Arbitrations, negotiations, and renewals/reviews of collective agreements and grievances

Other than written communication, the hiring of employees must be done with Loi 101 in mind.

  1. Employees cannot be fired, demoted, or transferred solely because they are French speaking, or lack knowledge of another language.
  2. Unless the particular position requires it, an employee cannot be hired for a position based on their knowledge of a language other than French

Yes, good spot on those Eric. You also gotta love how this clan tend to do things like ...

  • A) make use of the French word "loi" instead of the world "law" on the supposedly English web page
  • B) how they practically always seem to be sure to have SOME French appear in the English text in some way shape or form.

One (well, I do anyways) gets the sense that they do things like this almost as if in defiance of (or as a snub to) the possibility that any segment of society that they deem to be under their "rule or control" could not possibly be totally ---duh duh duh duhhhhhh... IN ENGLISH ONLY.

Another thing they tend to do is, whenever there is  "press here for English button" on a web page, it either doesn't work at all or once you press it you get a few English words but is still mostly in French OR

when you call somewhere the recording either forces you to listen to upwards of 50 seconds (or more) of French instruction THEN (and only then) does it give you an option for English and --- that option --- when you finally do get it, is not press 2 for English, OH NO!!  That (seemingly) would be way too generous pour "les moudit Anglais" no, it's press 9, or the furthest possible button from their french choice, which of course is most often press 1 for French

These things seem to be a rather prevalent "modus operandi" when it comes to this clan.

After the supreme court challenge forced them to go from "French ONLY" on signs to "signs can have English on them as well but  IT MUST BE 50% smaller", they did so but silently (behind the scenes) EXPECT that NO ONE or COMPANY will actually use English at all.

** Which most don't for fear of falling victim to the "other form of law" that seems to live and thrive in the French province of Quebec

That "other form of law" being... being ridiculed, brow beaten, boycotted or even firebombed for ANY use of the English language.

Ah yes, the French ONLY articles / clauses (45 & 46) I have made light of these two "articles / clauses (45 & 46)" within "bill" 101 in a few of my productions.

These articles /slash/ clauses are a built in protection for those (obedient foot soldiers) who want to "tow the "hard line franco" party line" as they clearly state that workers in Quebec DO NOT have to know English (period) and beyond that, cannot be punished at their workplace for not using or having a knowledge of the English language.

This is why they are having such a struggle with --- "public" ---  (as in Canadian public) transit (ie: bus and subway drivers) in Quebec.

It would seem that, In their attempt to use "clever legal wording" there is  --- a built in contradiction --- within their stupid anti English law. Watch here to see how they "stumble" around this contradiction when faced with the media asking questions about it.

It's too bad the Canadian media doesn't do it's job properly and press the issue with intelligent "counter questions" when faced with such ridiculous (and obviously absurd) contradictions.

And yes, the idea of them "wrongfully calling Canada a bilingual country" is yet another one of those --- Say it enough and IT WILL BECOME SO --- kinda things that  "this particular clan"  seems to be doing on many fronts.

It is also these kinds of things that WE must take EVERY OPPORTUNITY to make light of to ANYONE AND EVERYONE

When faced with folks from that clan who try to say that "Canada is a bilingual country" i find myself asking...

Humm, did you know that Quebec has legally deemed itself to be a "unilingual" French ONLY province ?

To which most from that clan will proudly say, "well yes."

Which demands the obvious retort of...

Well then, how can Canada be a "bilingual country", as you are trying to state, if the province of Quebec (one of Canada's parts) has declared itself to be unilingual French ONLY? Therefore, you're attempt to state that "Canada is a bilingual country" IS NOT possible. I must say, I love the stunned look of defiant pissed off aggravation I often get for that one.


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