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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Is Something Rotten At Esso

Richard M. Kruger, Imperial Oil’s President and Chief Executive Officer,

Hubert Martens, Customer Service Specialist and Larochelle, one of Esso’s Area Managers

I have just read of your boycott of the English language in Quebec. As your letter states, you use French, and only French, in signage, forms, etc., no matter what the language of your clientele, including when it is perfectly legal to use English.

Below is an excerpt of from a letter from an employee, Hubert Martens of your Customer Service Department:

In Quebec, French is the language of business and the workplace. Under the provisions of the Charter of the French Language, employees are entitled to work in French, and consumers of goods and services have the right to be informed and served in French. Imperial Oil is proud of the fact that it was among the first of the major companies in Quebec to complete a francization program in compliance with the requirements of the charter. Imperial’s francization program ensures that in Quebec, French is our language of work and internal communications. We use French to communicate with our customers, suppliers, shareholders and the general public; that includes our signage at the pumps, on our billboards, and any other signs or posters inside and outside Esso branded service stations in Quebec…. Imperial Oil made the decision many years ago to use French as our language for any signs in our service stations in Quebec.

I believe that, just as you boycott all use of English in signs, etc, even when it is legal to use it, it is time for people to boycott you. I hope this boycott extends to French-language people who do not support your policy.


Elsa Schieder


Is Something Rotten At Esso?

These articles /slash/ clauses are a built in protection for those (obedient foot soldiers) who want to "tow the "hard line franco" party line" as they clearly state that workers in Quebec DO NOT have to know English (period) and beyond that, cannot be punished at their workplace for not using or having a knowledge of the English language.

This is why they are having such a struggle with --- "public" ---  (as in Canadian public) transit (ie: bus and subway drivers) in Quebec.

It would seem that, In their attempt to use "clever legal wording" there is  --- a built in contradiction --- within their stupid anti English law. Watch here to see how they "stumble" around this contradiction when faced with the media asking questions about it.

It's too bad the Canadian media doesn't do it's job properly and press the issue with intelligent "counter questions" when faced with such ridiculous (and obviously absurd) contradictions.

And yes, the idea of them "wrongfully calling Canada a bilingual country" is yet another one of those --- Say it enough and IT WILL BECOME SO --- kinda things that  "this particular clan"  seems to be doing on many fronts.

It is also these kinds of things that WE must take EVERY OPPORTUNITY to make light of to ANYONE AND EVERYONE

When faced with folks from that clan who try to say that "Canada is a bilingual country" i find myself asking...

Humm, did you know that Quebec has legally deemed itself to be a "unilingual" French ONLY province ?

To which most from that clan will proudly say, "well yes."

Which demands the obvious retort of...

Well then, how can Canada be a "bilingual country", as you are trying to state, if the province of Quebec

(one of Canada's parts) has declared itself to be unilingual French ONLY? Therefore, you're attempt to state that "Canada is a bilingual country" IS NOT possible. I must say, I love the stunned look of defiant pissed off aggravation I often get for that one.


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