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15 January 2018

Why are English-speaking Quebecers so badly treated?

It seems that NOT all minorities deserve to be protected!!  The English-speaking minority (7.5% of the total) in Quebec are being treated abominably while the French-speaking minority in Ontario (3.69% ) can demand 1st class treatment?  Does anybody see anything wrong with that?

Patient claims he was denied treatment at CHUM hospital for not speaking French

A Montreal man who claims he was denied treatment because he couldn’t speak French has filed a complaint to the ombudsman of the city’s new French-language super hospital.

Montreal hospital looking into complaint after Zbigniew Malysa said urologist refused to speak to him

Sabrina Marandola · CBC News · January 12

Zbigniew Malysa, a Polish Canadian, claims he was belittled and then ignored by a urologist at the CHUM super hospital for not knowing French. (CBC)

A Montreal man who claims he was denied treatment because he couldn't speak French has filed a complaint to the ombudsman of the city's new French-language super hospital.

The downtown CHUM hospital is also investigating after Zbigniew Malysa, a Canadian citizen who emigrated from Poland more than 30 years ago, said a urologist refused to speak to him and belittled him in front of two medical residents.

"I didn't believe what happened. I was thinking maybe I'm dreaming," Malysa said.

Suzanne Malysa, his daughter, said Friday she has been in contact with Quebec's College of Physicians on her father's behalf. They also plan to file a complaint with the college.

Malysa told CBC that on Wednesday, he went to the CHUM hospital in downtown Montreal to see Dr. Luc Valiquette.

Malysa was referred to the hospital by his doctor because he had high blood pressure and elevated creatinine levels

He said he was first seen by two residents, who spoke to him in English and gave him a form ordering a colonoscopy.

Malysa claimed Valiquette then came into the room, furious.

"He didn't speak any word to me. Just once he spoke to me in English," said Malysa said. "He said, 'How long you are in Quebec?…The East Europeans take advantage of our health system here.' I was completely confused. I didn't take any advantage. I have serious problems with very high blood pressure and some blood in my urine. The doctor said to me I have to check this."

Malysa claims that Valiquette turned to the residents and said, "How come it's 30 years [and] he's not speaking fluently French?"

Malysa said he was too scared to ask Valiquette if they could speak in English since the doctor was "so upset" and the only one in the room talking.

"He didn't talk to me. He didn't ask any questions," he said.

Malysa said he never got his urine test or any other treatment. He said the doctor also yelled at the residents for prescribing a colonoscopy, ripped up the form and threw it in the garbage.

"He mentioned, 'We don't have money for the East Europeans' in French. I'm not speaking fluently French, but I understand much more than I can speak. It was not rocket science."

'A terrible misunderstanding,' doctor says

The hospital said its complaints department is investigating.

In a statement sent to CBC Thursday afternoon, the hospital said staff does its best to accommodate patients who don't speak French, but pointed out the CHUM is not obliged to provide all services in English.

"On a daily basis, frontline workers, staff and doctors at the CHUM strive to accommodate patients whose mother tongue is not French to the best of their abilities," the statement said. "However, it must be understood that the CHUM is not part of the public institutions designated in the health care system to offer all of its services in English."

Zbigniew Malysa filed a complaint to the ombudsman of the CHUM, the city's new French-language super hospital. (CBC)

The statement also said Valiquette claims it was all "a terrible misunderstanding" and that he would call Malysa.

Malysa confirmed that Valiquette did call and left a message for him Thursday night. 

Suzanne Malysa told CBC Montreal's Daybreak there was no misunderstanding between Valiquette and her father that day at the hospital.

"You don't misunderstand to rip up papers, you don't misunderstand to assume someone's nationality and say you're taking advantage of the Quebec health-care system," she said. "To me, that's not a misunderstanding at all."

With files from Lauren McCallum and CBC Montreal's Daybreak

The Gazette has a report at this link:


In the mean time, the French groups in Ontario are complaining about how difficult it is to get legal service in a province that has less than 4% mother-tongue French speakers:

How does one even begin to fight this one-sided battle where the English-speaking minority that makes up 7.5% of Quebec’s population are treated so badly while the French-speakers in Ontario (3.69%) are able to demand so much more?  The English-speakers are diminishing in number in Quebec but they still make up a substantial number of that province’s population:

Statistics Canada revises census data to show decline in English speakers in Quebec


Updated: August 17, 2017 2:24 PM EST

OTTAWA — Quebec’s anglophone population is declining, rather than booming, Statistics Canada said Thursday as the agency officially corrected a census finding that stoked political fires in Quebec’s emotionally charged language debate.

The change is the result of a computer error that recorded some 55,000 people in last year’s census as English speakers, when they really had French as their mother tongue. Correcting the mistake cut the increase in the anglophone population in half and pushed the francophone population up by more than 145,000 between 2011 and 2016.  Read more:

Comment from Al S.

You have to see this growing phenomenon in the same way we observed the growth of ISIS that had established - with the theft of deserted military equipment - a "caliphate" (territory) and then began to "cleanse" that area from "undesirables."  This cleansing was done by beheadings (murders) until the remaining population was sufficiently cowed into subservience. It is really not that significantly different from what is happening in Canada:  the French "ISIS" Caliphate is the Nation of Quebec that lives by its own rules - its own Koran of the French Civil Code where only those with the proper "pur lain" surname and Quebec French dialect get the cushy overpaid jobs in government.  This French Caliphate is being kept propped up with stolen goods from the Rest of Canada under the laughably thin guise of "equality" of languages and cultures - "equalization," health and social "transfers."

In the same way that ISIS cleansed its Caliphate so the French Caliphate is similarly cleaning territories beyond its own "national" borders in the Rest of Canada. This is done with a thoroughly corrupted Constitution that demands "equality" of official languages but where only those born under the fleur-de-lis get the jobs or the promotion. This is done by the use of the Official Languages laws that demand jobs be classified as "officially bilingual."  However, there has never been a single case where an "officially bilingual" has earned a job or a promotion but a francophone has. And so, in the same way that ISIS murders off all those who do not kiss the ground under their interpretation of the Koran, so the French Caliphate in Canada is systematically "murdering" off all those who do not meet their criteria of being sufficiently pur lain, have the sufficiently proper French surname and can communicate in that peculiar Quebec French dialect. It is a process of the ascent of raw, unmitigated tribalism and racism still often found in post-colonial Africa and elsewhere (post-colonial Sri Lanka also comes to mind).

We should keep this in perspective.  The United States pays 22% of the United Nations' budget.  This amounts to $1.2 billion annually and does not include world peacekeeping costs.  Imagine the rancour in America of having to pay this relatively small sum (compared to their massive economy) because of the systemic anti-America, anti-Semitic and anti-Israel bias at the UN.  Now compare this $12 billion to the $25 billion annually that Quebec siphons, steals and carries out of the Rest of Canada which has an economy one-tenth the size (and declining) than that of America.  All this tribute from Canada into Quebec is solely to keep up the appearance that Canada is a nation from sea to shining sea but where the reality has long been of a departed Quebec needing only the welfare cheque to keep it propped up.

Which then begs the question:  why is there no rancour in Canada of having to pay this annual blackmail to Quebec to maintain the appearance of a united country while it (the French Quebec Caliphate) continues to "murder" off fully achievement-merited anglophones with French-ISIS sponsored applicants in the Rest of Canada? Any reasonably sentient person can detect the senselessness and meaninglessness of this form of racism where the French tribe seeks power but has nothing whatsoever to offer the conquered territories with anything better than what these areas already have. Worse, the French Caliphate (Quebec) has already demonstrated in most convincing ways it is completely unable to govern its own conquered territory as witnessed by the billions and billions of dollars needed to keep this failed state propped up - the same way ISIS had to access oil revenues from oil fields it had conquered to sustain itself. And this French Caliphate wants to impose that paradigm of governance on the Rest of Canada? Is a revolution brewing in Venezuela? If so, why?

Canada is a deeply divided country with a "quiet" civil war ongoing under our noses. We are failing economically and no longer can articulate why a previous generation went to war in mainland Europe. America is now deregulating and has a massive tax reform making its corporations more competitive with Canada predictably losing its "competitive" edge.  The $25 billion annual trade surplus with America is in serious jeopardy and the NAFTA is about to unravel. And yet, with our leaderless officer class flailing for more trade and markets and imposing this new tax and that new tax, the French Caliphate continues its relentless and murderous march demanding and demanding and demanding....


Keith B's blogspot shows some creative use of captured videos to illustrate how wrong this situation has become.  Please visit our web-site ( & link to his site.

Kim McConnell


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