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Friday, 9 January 2015

Caron case 2015 - Alberta & Sask.

This video report in French basically say's that the courts in Alberta & Sask have decided that they will hold on to their unilingual English position.

It could be a short lived "victory" however since these folks are hard line and part of a bigger well funded movement that is determined to force the minority French language on the majority (over 94%) English speaking Canadians in every inch of Canada

Considering the legal fees and costs of bringing such cases to the supreme court, it is clear that this fight to force French on the majority English Canadians is also A HUGE COST AND EXPENSE TO THE MAJORITY ENGLISH CANADIAN TAX PAYERS AS WELL.

Not to mention the HUGE COSTS associated with providing so called "across the board bilingual services"

to the tiny French population (0.1% Alberta and 0.0% Saskatchewan according to Stats Canada 2011)

OUTSIDE the province of Quebec if the "French friendly" Supreme court ultimately rules in their favor.

Ah yes, the province of Quebec. A province that (video) has demonstrated how they treat the English language in the exact opposite way by disallowing NOT JUST ENGLISH SERVICES BUT ALSO --- within some semblance of being fair --- refusing to even offer "bilingual service" to the citizens that live in those areas inside the province of Quebec.

This is not to mention the domino effect of such a ruling on practically every other province in Canada to follow suite.


It's French ONLY for the French (French ONLY hospitals, universities, day care centers etc etc)

while all English services MUST BE bilingual ---  Provided in both English and French ---


Plentiful Jobs and opportunities for French only citizens and plentiful jobs and opportunities for bilingual citizens (most likely to be of French descent) who know English AND ZERO JOBS AND OR OPPORTUNITY for the English ONLY majority citizens.

All of this clearly demonstrates the erroneous nature of the push by the French powers that be for so called "bilingualism" which is actually just a rouse for the larger ultimate goal of French domination throughout ALL OF CANADA.


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