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An old soldier's story

I am an old soldier--  I know all the 4 letter words ARMY, NAVY  and AIR FORCE --NCO's --use for "emphasis": Even we-- the "hard asses" in the military get tired of the ( F ) word-- one hears on nearly every street corner today {even} by young ladies. The HARD ASSES in most cases, will still give a Guy a 2nd chance to clean up his act.

I write a lot about military history; I suppose I do it because the Canadian Forces & the RCMP have been "devastated and ruined" by Quebec politicians, and the "free ride attitude" by the people of Quebec. Also by the lack of interest from western Canadian MPs and Senators:  Those "people" of all western Canadians, should have fought to represent the West--'while and when' they had the opportunity to do so.

The Ottawa "culture of entitlement" seems to affect most of our MPs, MLAs and Senators. Unfortunately, that attitude has spread itself across the country: Our politics at all levels --Municipal, Provincial and Federal are out of control. Last year in Penticton's municipal vote, the former city council deliberately "rigged" the vote. We had one polling station for the entire city of 35,000 people. Kelowna with 3 x our population had 13 polling  stations. I wrote to the premier & 3 of her cabinet ministers; she once worked for Jean Chretien; she obviously picked up several of his bad habits.

After 3 months, I received the usual "form" letter from their E.A.s: Filled with the normal "platitudes" one receives from elected officials. Nothing was done to correct that fault: I wrote from the Canadian UN Soldiers'  perspective, where Canadian UN troops have been known to "fight to keep the peace"; we are known for doing more on those missions than most UN troops: "Window dressing" is not part of our culture.

In Bosnia, in 1992, PPCLI --UN troops --fought a 24 hour fire fight with Bosnian Croats: They were in the process of rounding up & murdering Muslim women and children: They had previously marched the Men and Boys off to a slaughter site. The Canadian Rifle Company commander-- ordered the Bosnians to lay down their arms and retreat: They made the "mistake of opening fire" on our Guys, 24 hours later 29 Bosnians had been killed. The Canadians had suffered a few minor wounds and injuries.

The great tragedy about that incident--- was that both the Liberals and Conservatives "kept that operation secret for 9 years". Why? because those "gutless wonders" wanted their "UN masters" to believe Canadian UN troops were "peace keepers-- not combat troops". The 2nd battalion, PPCLI should have been decorated for such a fine operation. That battle's "successful achievement", should have been added their Regimental colors. Canada has lost more than 100 troops on peace keeping missions: Our worst day was August 9, 1974--when the RCAF Buffalo transport with 9 men on board, was shot down over Syria, by Russian heat seeking missiles; a similar missile system to the Russian missiles that shot down the Malaysian Jet over Ukraine..  One of my best friends and mates was on that plane. He had replaced me in the Middle East, he was 3 weeks from going home. PET never even bothered to call in the Syrian ambassador to lay a complaint before the UN security council.

Our worst one day loss in Afghanistan was 6 killed in action.

Before PETrudeau destroyed the CF and RCMP, prior to 1968, CF NATO troops were considered by our alliance partners to be the "cream of the crop and the pride and envy of NATO". 2 years after PET had unified and ruined the Forces and RCMP, our NATO partners were "booing" Canada. I have plenty of reasons to hate Quebec and the east; these are just a few of them. I am proud to report that I served for 5 of those years in West Germany. The Canadian Infantry Brigade Group (4 CIBG) was highly respected and appreciated by all NATO forces.. We were an "independent brigade" part of the British 2nd division (BAOR) British Army of the Rhine; on NATO's northern flank. I had gone overseas for the Berlin Wall Crisis in 1961. Our 6800 troops were comparable to a light division. The Canadians were located by NATO planners directly in front of the route --Russian and Warsaw pact armour would have to get through to attack the "heavily Industrialized Ruhr river complex". We were there because we could be counted on to do the job: PET, "Canada's most infamous draft dodger during WW2", destroyed our credibility and reputation.  Sadly for all of Canada, he was a traitor! !  

You may put my name on my email letter; I did NOT write the letter just for myself; rather--I wrote it for each member of the CF and RCMP who had served honorably in NATO--and for our UN troops who served on UNEF One from 1956 to 1967, and as well for all Canadian UN troops who served on UNEF 2 from October 1973 to September 1979 the (Yom Kippur War): After the peace treaty was signed between Egypt and Israel  giving the Sinai Desert back to Egypt: The normal dangerous Middle East is more dangerous today, After Israel gave the Sinai back to Egypt, since 1979, there has been no buffer zone between Israel and Egypt: Today, because Obama removed all U.S. troops, from Iraq, the ME is more unstable; Russia has filled the void left by the U.S. Iran, a Russian ally is building ICBMs and is secretly building nuclear weapons to be fitted to the tops of their ICBMs.    

Egyptian President Nassar kicked the UNEF out of the Gaza Strip in 1967: So confident was he; that he and the Arab nations were going to push Israel in the sea. The 1967-- 6 Day War changed everything; the Israeli Air Force, by pre-empting all Arab Air Forces, destroyed most of their Air Craft while they were still on the ground. The major victory for Israel was the capturing of East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights.

A frightening thought: If Trump defeats Hillary; Israel may put off a pre-emptive attract against Iran; If Hillary wins-- God help us:

Regards: Ernie Slump, Canadian Army retired, Penticton, BC


Last CF regular Unit: Load Master on the Chinook, 450 Transport Helicopter Squadron, CFB Ottawa  (Uplands) 1977--80

Reserve CF Unit: Sea Forth Highlanders, Vancouver 1980--91.  



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