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21 April 2018

Survey from OCOL

An on-line consultation by the OL office was circulated by me yesterday.  Only two people have participated from our distribution list.  Comments are accepted until the end of May. We need to try and have our side heard.  Many English-speaking Canadians have given up on the battle to be heard – this is a mistake because it will be interpreted as “Silence is Approval”.  Please make your opinion heard.

( the end of this website page has a button "the floor is yours" to access the survey.)

Most Canadians are so angry with the OLA that they’ve either turned themselves off from caring or just submitted to the ignominy of being forced into 2nd class citizens by being forced to accept that French is as important as English.  That will NEVER happen, in this world or the next!!  English has been the internationally accepted language by more people than French will ever be.

Please do not be in the majority of Canadians who have accepted this policy without a fight.  All you are being asked to do is spend half an hour on this survey so that we can at least let the FPTB (French Power That Be) know that a lot of Canadians are not happy with giving the French so much power & control in our Halls of Power.

I’ve decided to take a copy of all my answers so that you know that I care enough about this issue to make the effort.  Do not ignore this one & only opportunity to let the OCOL know how you feel.  You don’t need to identify yourself so if you’re a public servant, you won’t need to be afraid of the consequences.  If you are nervous, don’t use an email that can be traced to you.  As a citizen of this lovely country, it is your duty to speak up about this truly unfair policy that is designed to give a linguistic minority total control of the government.

I’ve received two people’s responses – I’m hoping to get more after this urgent request.  You don’t need to be nasty or rude – just be honest!!

Politicians care about how their voters feel – contact your MPs & let them know that the OLA has not worked for the English-speaking majority.  Tell them to speak up & stop allowing the French lobbyists to cow them into silence.  Every Canadian knows that the number of bilingual Canadians is NOT growing!!  Why are we spending so much of our diminishing resources on a policy where the returns for our investment is diminishing so rapidly?

Kim McConnell    


Please explain why you don’t think the Act needs to be updated.

The Act was updated by the French Ministers in the Chretien govt. to increase the power & influence of French-speakers (primarily the Quebecois).  To demand more update is to demand more power for French-speakers & further diminish the participation rate in the public service of English-language speakers.

If you had to select from the list below, which themes are the most important to you in the context of the modernization of the Official Languages Act?

Roles and mandate of the Commissioner of Official Languages (promotion, education, protection)

Governance and leadership (responsibility for official languages within the federal government, such as Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat, Canadian Heritage, etc.)

Languages used by the federal government when communicating with the public and delivering services

Language of work in federal institutions (language of training offered to employees, language of supervision, aligning language-of-work rights with geographical areas where services must be provided in both official languages, language of central and personal services, language-of-work rights for virtual teams and new work arrangements such as telework)

Access to justice (accessibility of court decisions in both official languages, Supreme Court judges are functionally bilingual)

Vitality of English linguistic minority communities

Vitality of French linguistic minority communities

Recognition of Metis, Inuit and First Nations languages

Inclusion of new technologies (translation tools, social media and websites)

Support of minority community media

Other (Please specify) *

None of the choices are important to me

*        The rights of the English-speaking majority are being ignored & suppressed by the requirement to be proficient in the French language.  The Language tests are not of the same level for the English tests as they are for the French tests. The English tests are of a much lower level than the French tests.

The Language tests are administered by the govt. which have been found to be very poorly done & very biased.  This monopoly by the PSC should be ended.  The tests are not open to public scrutiny - why are you hiding this?

Do you have any other comments or suggestions that you wish to share with the Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages about the Act?

Yes, I would like the OCOL to stop lying - Canada is NOT an officially bilingual country - the OLA only applies to Federal Institutions as the Provinces have the right to NOT adopt this language policy.  We know that Quebec has decided to be Officially Unilingual French with various provincial laws like Bill 101.  Only New Brunswick has adopted the OLA & is the only province that has done so.  The other provinces have not adopted this foolish, money-wasting policy.  At a time of great economic difficulties, why are we doing something which has done nothing but divide the country along linguistic lines for the benefit of French-speakers, mainly from Quebec.

The two responses received so far:

Response #1

Well, well!  After 50 years the politicians have decided to pretend to want our opinion.  I’ve made my opinion heard, even though it will most likely be ignored.  As you will see, there are a couple of sections where you can write out your opinions and observations in this so-called consultation.  I have written the following:

“In all of the above listed themes, the act has done nothing but promote French.  The Act itself is un-democratic, unconstitutional and discriminatory toward the English majority.  These pieces of legislation have been written and passed in obscurity, without any input from the English majority and yet you continue to quote them in an effort to legitimize what is really happening.  Official bilingualism is nothing less than forced bilingualism.  The only 'updating' of this unfair scenario is to eliminate forced bilingualism altogether and stop shoving French down everybody's throat.  There is absolutely no need for any North American to learn French other than to appease a minority that will never be satisfied.  If you want to make changes, try a little democracy for a change.  We've had 50 years without it.”

“Official bilingualism is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the citizens of Canada.  We've already seen that wherever the French manage to eke out a majority their first step is to restrict and discriminate against English.  Your further actions will cause further divisiveness and antagonism, eventually ending in conflict.  We demand democracy, that thing wherein the majority actually has a say in their future!”


Response #2


Filled it out and my suggestion was that RoC should adopt Quebec’s perfect example of making French the official and unilingual language of Quebec.  Therefore, RoC should adopt English, officially and unilingually.

Finished it was an astronomical waste of time, money and efforts and those resources should be for the benefit of ALL Canadians and not just a linguistic minority’s.

C. M.


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