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End the unfairness of official bilingualism. Stop wasting our tax dollars.


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413Why are English-speaking Quebecers so badly treated?2018-01-16
400Descrimination in Quebec2017-08-03
365Ernest Semple - Anglo Quebecer's story on the Official Languages Policy2016-10-25
353Quebec's Fanatical Language Industry2016-09-04
324Apartheid rears its ugly head in Quebec again2016-05-04
303Gerry and Al on Quebec's inherent selfishness2016-01-24
292"Get out" message for Anglo Quebec nurses2015-11-06
288Quebec's outrageous demands feedback2015-08-31
282Is something ROTTEN at ESSO?2015-07-23
278Another refugee from Quebec2015-06-07
259Majority says Bye Bye Quebec2015-03-10
252Keith B worried Anglophone seniors in Quebec are suffering2015-01-27
247Canada IS NOT officially bilingual2015-01-15
236APEC, Quebec and videos2014-11-22
210History of English Montreal School Board2014-07-19
194Montreal City Hall hiring les maudit Anglais2014-04-07
181Refocusing on Quebec2014-03-06
179Et tu CANADIAN Tire?2014-02-23
172Quebecs' Maladies2014-01-11
171English businesses under attack AGAIN from Quebec government2014-01-10
1641.5 Billion not enough says Quebec2013-12-19
160Ken wonders about Quebec becoming a Necropolis2013-12-10
146Quebec said NON so Canada is NOT bilingual2013-11-09
128Orlin supports Lowell Green's take on Quebec2013-09-19
126Montreal language protests and more2013-09-16
123Quebec is its own worst enemy2013-08-30
121Are language debates holding up corporate plans in Quebec?2013-08-21
117Quebecs catastrophic electricity meltdown2013-07-11
111Quebec's DISTINCT Society is Corrupt2013-06-19
98Unity group shows support for local Quebec hero2013-04-22
93Gordon says TURN QUEBEC LOOSE2013-03-31
83Quebec international laughing stock over pasta war2013-02-21
78Danny Williams on Quebec and more2013-01-26
67Bilingualism is FAILING data proves2012-10-26
68English babies in Quebec won't be forced to be French...yet2012-10-26
66Bilingualism stalls but not for those learning English in Quebec2012-10-24
62Stats on Quebecers working in Ottawa2012-10-17
59Quebec politicians held to lower standards?2012-08-26
42English not responsible for future of French say students2012-03-30
33The Quebec Question for the Next Generation2012-02-06
10Is there brainwashing in Quebec schools?2005-11-10
7Adieu QUEBEC Robert Sauve2004-02-01


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