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End the unfairness of official bilingualism. Stop wasting our tax dollars.

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396Hurray!! Madeleine Meilleur bows out!!2017-06-16
370CLF thanks the Ottawa City Council!!2016-12-08
364The Official Languages Consultation - October 20, 20162016-10-25
358Official Bilingualism for Ottawa + Education concerns in NB2016-10-04
356Justin says Canada has NO core identity2016-09-23
354Christmas Afternoon - November 13, 20162016-09-08
352Prof. John Robson discusses "Official Bilingualism" for the City of Ottawa2016-08-21
350Supreme Court to be "functionally bilingual"2016-08-07
345Important message from Brian Lilley2016-07-30
341The Charter of the English Language - Dick Field - 20132016-07-20
337Graham Fraser says Bilingualism nothing to fear - Mark Bonokoski disagrees2016-07-16
338Treasury Board 2013 - 14 Anglos & Francos in public service2016-07-16
327Special request to Petition Signers2016-07-15
330The French are determined to make Ottawa Officially Bilingual2016-07-15
333Randall Denley - Public Service not open to all Canadians2016-07-15
317To the Back of the Bus, English Canada2016-03-24
314Kris Austin nails it in NB!2016-03-05
312Refusal to say Oath to Queen exposes traitors2016-02-27
311Bilingualism has NEVER BEEN criteria for jobs lies Fraser2016-02-24
310A Canadian Constitution Federation perspective on dual busing.2016-02-23
309Study New Brunswick then do opposite says Professor2016-02-20
308Yup, 40 years later and "FORCED bilingualism" still discriminates2016-02-17
307Hey BIG SPENDER!!2016-02-14
306WOW! Feds say Ottawa does NOT have to become bilingual2016-02-06
305Oshawa under language pressure2016-02-05
303Gerry and Al on Quebec's inherent selfishness2016-01-24
302Christmas Message from President2015-12-22
301Language Czar goes TOO FAR!2015-12-15
300CLF President praises Mayor Drew Dilkins of Windsor2015-12-12
297WHY IS a Francophone community ESSENTIAL to Manitoba growth?2015-11-30
295No right to French tickets in Alberta so why in Ontario at only 4%?2015-11-21
293We must re-write the Constitution says Robson2015-11-11
291Elizabeth May wants French Ottawa too2015-09-29
290John Robson, Magna Carta and much more2015-09-20
288Quebec's outrageous demands feedback2015-08-31
287Ottawa. New Brunswick, YOUR tax dollars and more2015-08-23
284Bilingualism before Competency says new PM2015-08-01
283Responses to 60 new Official Languages and videos from Keith2015-07-27
280Howard says Freedom is NOT FREE2015-07-17
27960 new Official Languages?2015-07-14
278Another refugee from Quebec2015-06-07
277French on the move2015-05-17
276Kris Austin from East, Sharon MacLise from West2015-05-10
274Bill C232 morphs into Bill C2082015-05-06
273Letters from supporters and videos2015-05-03
272Carriage by Air Act pushes more legalized discrimination2015-04-30
270Focus on the Rebel2015-04-19
269The problem with French immersion2015-04-14
268Edmonton area French SCHOOL has ONLY 34 students2015-04-11
267Yes there IS segregation in Canada2015-04-09
260Some happy news2015-03-20
259Majority says Bye Bye Quebec2015-03-10
257Review DUALITY says NB Mayor2015-03-01
256Magna Carta and Liberty2015-02-12
255Ottawa's budget not in French2015-02-07
254Sun News says goodbye and comments2015-02-01
251Language Wars heating up in Cornwall2015-01-27
250Canada's flag protocol viloated2015-01-25
249Fight Unilinguaphobia says Steyn2015-01-20
248Kilroy Pastagate2015-01-15
240Christmas wishes and videos2014-12-20
239Another Kilroy video2014-12-17
238Did Calgary school board break procedure?2014-12-12
237Awareness needed desperately2014-12-07
236APEC, Quebec and videos2014-11-22
234Why MUST fire chief be "bilingual"?2014-11-18
231Manitoba next2014-11-10
230Way to go Bob Hurter!2014-10-16
229Bilingualism bonus scrapped and more2014-10-12
228Reevley and more2014-10-08
227Our Mission2014-10-03
225Lack of city support for its tax base2014-09-29
223How can they NOT know?2014-09-24
221Fraser attempts to explain2014-09-07
220Egan nails it!2014-08-30
219Is speaking French useful?2014-08-26
218Fraser has done it this time!2014-08-22
215Keith's videos, history and more2014-07-27
209What is a Francobank?2014-07-12
208$600 MILLION/year for 4% of population sounds fair2014-07-11
205Equalization payments policy2014-06-28
204Bill 205 and another Liberal majority2014-06-15
202Mandate and Sanity AND Videos2014-05-17
201RN Cameron on warpath!2014-05-15
200PEI next on agenda and Keith video2014-05-09
197Making Ottawa "officially bilingual"2014-04-22
183Just when we thought...2014-03-18
181Refocusing on Quebec2014-03-06
180Oh Canada WHO stands on guard for thee?2014-03-02
172Quebecs' Maladies2014-01-11
170Not ANOTHER French university!2014-01-05
167French zealots say Francophobia on rise2013-12-29
165Christy McCormick's thoughts from Hong Kong2013-12-21
1641.5 Billion not enough says Quebec2013-12-19
161"Bilingualism" Costs Ontario BIG bucks2013-12-11
159Barry Irvine's Thoughts from NB2013-12-05
157MP stands firms and faces down French zealot2013-11-29
156Complaint over flag at Ottawa U2013-11-26
154Rally for Gervais family2013-11-21
151World of English Freedoms no accident2013-11-18
144The push is on in Durham2013-10-29
141Durham Report2013-10-27
140Bigotry and Bilingualism in Manitoba2013-10-26
1391.4 BILLION and counting at City of Ottawa2013-10-25
137The Big Shifts and anti- English insults continue2013-10-20
133The great seduction and more2013-10-05
130Dr Tomblers message and more2013-09-23
127Keith videos and more2013-09-19
125If you don't know your past, you don't know your future2013-09-14
123Quebec is its own worst enemy2013-08-30
122Order of Jacques Cartier (La Patente)2013-08-25
121Are language debates holding up corporate plans in Quebec?2013-08-21
120Is Graham Fraser trying to create work?2013-08-06
119We need an HONEST discussion SOON2013-08-05
1182 languages is the formula for disunity and discord2013-07-30
117Quebecs catastrophic electricity meltdown2013-07-11
115The winners are...2013-07-06
114French ONLY! IGA threatens employees2013-06-28
113Don't let passive talk fool you2013-06-27
112Bilingual Today, French tomorrow2013-06-20
111Quebec's DISTINCT Society is Corrupt2013-06-19
110Federal Identity Program and more2013-06-09
104PE Trudeau was a failure as a political force2013-05-27
103Duality out - Segregation in2013-05-22
101CLF President challenges Graham Fraser on his INCORRECT responses2013-05-14
102Is it ethical?2013-05-14
100No doubt about it - courts prefer French2013-05-04
99Name something that has NOT been manipulated?2013-04-30
96Feds tout bilingual bucks2013-04-12
95Language Czar on warpath again!2013-04-11
88Another successful and informative St Pats Brunch2013-03-20
86Eric's Historical research on monuments2013-03-03
84Richard Field message to CLF2013-02-24
83Quebec international laughing stock over pasta war2013-02-21
82Fourniers fight for Freedom of Speech too2013-02-17
81Bill that violate the Charter2013-02-10
80Why is French Immersion so popular?2013-02-06
79What do you think?2013-02-03
78Danny Williams on Quebec and more2013-01-26
77Ottawa Hospital to cut $31 Million2013-01-21
76Will there be Freedom of Expression?2013-01-11
66Bilingualism stalls but not for those learning English in Quebec2012-10-24
62Stats on Quebecers working in Ottawa2012-10-17
60Another Historic day for South Stormont2012-09-27
59Quebec politicians held to lower standards?2012-08-26
46Kudos to South Stormont again!2012-04-14
43OLA rears ugly head again2012-03-30


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